EOS Asia's Roadmap and Views on Dividends

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EOS Asia

The article is written by EOS Asia, Asia’s most technical and international EOS Block Producer Candidate. EOS Asia is also the developer behind EOS Gems and Traffic Exchange Token.

Dear EOS Asia community,

It has been an eventful month for EOS Asia and we’ve seen incredible growth in the community. The team would like to thank each and every one of you for making us one of the leading Block Producer Candidates in the EOS ecosystem. It is your continued support and engagement which ensures that EOS is by far the most exciting project to take part in.

When I met my cofounder Dafeng, we were struck by each other's love for EOS and passion for DApps. We truly believe in the blockchain industry. But we kept asking ourselves why there are so many people failing in this area, and why so many others take advantage of it. There's a lot of talk all around. Developers debate the best technologies for building a new DApp. Marketers mention the promotional trends they've seen. Entrepreneurs announce new DApp concepts. Everyone claims to be an expert and is willing to advise. But this cycle begins feeling repetitive. Amidst all the noise, there is a deafening silence: the lack of action.

This is how EOS Asia was born. We are a community of EOS believers coalescing into one of the best known and technically advanced Block Producer candidates that focuses on incubating DApps. We quickly realized that we are able to serve as the reference point for every great DApp by leveraging our vast network of VCs, developers, and entrepreneurs, in addition to our own technical capabilities. We will match the right innovators with the right investors to bring the best DApps to market.

And we won't stop at seeding and building these DApps. EOS Asia will allow our community to submit DApp ideas, vote for DApps to be developed, and take an active role in these projects once they're published. We stand strongly by the EOS mission to build a democracy that gives every user a voice.

Today we are announcing our initial roadmap for the future of EOS Asia -- our view in regards to paying dividends / kickbacks and our investment partners disclosure.

Q2 & Q3 Roadmap

As seen in our roadmap, EOS Asia believes in a long term development of the EOS platform and we want to do our best to support the ecosystem with all the resources we have. We believe that you too, as a user and supporter of the network, believe and have the same scope. That’s why we will not offer payments to EOS token holders for any reason -- neither for BP elections nor for worker proposals. We do plan to offer our voters benefit through the many airdrops and advantages that we will provide once we deliver our future DApps, whether those are self-developed or incubated. We want to remind voters that we are the best bet for strong and healthy growth of the EOS ecosystem due to our dedication to bringing the best technical and international representation to build DApps and making EOS the predominant blockchain infrastructure for mainstream applications.

Vote-buying in any form would be detrimental to the growth of the platform for many reasons. Simply put, the block producers would become rent-seekers with no incentive to innovate -- they would merely use the resources they collect to stay in the position they bought. While this would certainly make many users happy at first, it would be akin to stealing the little resources we have to pay for bribes. We assert that this as the wrong direction, since in the long term this will halt the growth of EOS and will not deliver long-term usefulness to the ecosystem. These Block Producers would be bloodsuckers rather than lifebringers.

Our principles are aligned to the constitution, and we plan make other BPs and other EOS organizations accountable to these principles. We will fight anyone who wants to privatize the ecosystem for their own benefit. Along this line, we would like to add that since the first days of planning EOS Asia (around 3 months ago today), we have always been self-funded, and while we do think that funding is sometimes necessary for a steady growth of a project like ours, we have taken the decision to reject all offers we received so far. Instead, we are focusing all our energy to make our candidacy the best vote for any EOS token holder.

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Twitter @EOSAsia_one
Business: [email protected]
Tech: [email protected]


Great post, you are definatley a candidate I am behind come voting time, keep up the great work.

Thanks for the support you're giving us, appreciate it! follow us on Telegram to get in touch: https://t.me/EOSAsia

Great post, looking forward to your Dapps.

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