EOS Asia - Block Producer Candidacy

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EOS Asia - BP Candidate Introduction

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1. Introduction
2. Founding Team
3. DApps
4. Community Service Projects
5. Technical Details
6. Beliefs
7. Contact

1. Introduction

Welcome to EOS Asia, a Block Producer candidate with a world-class technical team and seasoned blockchain DApp developers. As Asia's most international and technical Block Producer candidate, we’re bringing together EOS super fans from China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and more.

This article will introduce EOS Asia’s team, core values, current progress, future development, and contributions to the community. We will also share our understanding and beliefs about the future of the EOS ecosystem.

Highlights of EOS Asia:

  • World-class technical team (Y Combinator, Alibaba Cloud MVP, speaker at various technical conferences)
  • Most international team (China, Europe, USA and Korea)
  • Dedicated to creating mainstream EOS DApps

2. Team

We are the Avengers of the EOS community. EOS Asia has an all-star founding team that brings together wizards of China, Europe, United States and South Korea. Our core technical members are backed by Silicon Valley incubator Y Combinator and recognized by well-known industry veterans. With 15 years of experience in server and cloud technology, handling applications for tens of millions of users, we’ll bring the best of of technology and international representation to make EOS the blockchain infrastructure for mainstream applications. Our team has previously built games and applications that are used by tens of millions of people, and we are committed to build DApps that will take EOS technology to mainstream adoption. Moreover, our goal is to ensure EOS continues its success as a healthy, community-driven decentralized protocol, and we will fight anyone who wants to privatize the ecosystem for their own benefit.

Dafeng Guo - Cofounder


Dafeng is cofounder and CTO of Strikingly, where he graduated from Y Combinator in 2013. A successful serial entrepreneur, he previously has created Facebook apps with more than 20 million users. Dafeng began coding when he was 14 years old and has since been deeply involved in the technical community. He has spoken at various technical conferences including QCon, SDCC, Computing Conference, RubyConf and JSConf. In 2017, Dafeng was awarded as Alibaba Cloud Tech MVP for his contribution to the cloud computing community in China. As a blockchain and EOS enthusiast, Dafeng is committed to contributing his technical insight and passion to the EOS community.

Joseph Fanelli - Cofounder


Joseph is the founder of EOS Link, EOS Go China ambassador, guest writer for NEO City of Zion, and cofounder of webao.co. Over the years he has cooperated with many large corporations including China’s Tencent QQ Music, overseeing large projects and taking the helm of NIO Capital’s online presence, all while managing multiple companies throughout Asia. With EOS Link, Joseph seeks to bridge the gap between Block Producer candidates around the world and especially between East and West. Through EOS Link, he has coordinated efforts and provided technical support to multiple Block Producer applicants. With a love for EOS and a relentless drive to push the EOS community forward, he teamed up with Dafeng to create EOS Asia. He offers not only milestone contributions at the technical level but also valuable perspective for our communities.

Jinma Li - Head of Operations in China


Jinma is the founder of Xiaoma Capital (笑马资本) and creator of the brand “Crypto Golden Horse Award” (币圈金马奖). He is a senior developer with five years of experience and has architected and implemented applications with more than two million users. As a crypto KOL and enthusiastic writer, Jinma has produced a wide range of articles covering blockchain technology, investment, and technical analysis. His writings have received significant attention and have attracted over hundred thousand followers. Jinma believes strongly in the potential of the EOS blockchain and shares all of our core values at EOS Asia. At EOS Asia, Jinma will lead operations in China.

John Yoon - Head of Operations in Korea


John Yoon is the head editor of Startup Radar, a startup tech media platform that helps Korean startups go global. He has been writing about the Korean startup and blockchain ecosystem for over 4 years with over 600 online articles. Before Startup Radar, he was the head editor at Seoul Space, Korea’s first tech incubator and co-working space. He also worked closely with The Ministry of SMEs and Startups as well as KOFAC (Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity). Currently, he is the International BD Manager at 500v2. John will lead the operations of EOS Asia in Korea.

Tyler Diaz - Blockchain Developer & Evangelist


Tyler has the distinction of being the youngest person accepted into Y Combinator. He started coding at the age of 12, and sold his first company when he was 16 years old. With experience at Teespring, MojoTech and Strikingly, Tyler has been responsible for developing technical infrastructure for millions of users and hundred of millions of dollars in transactional volume. At EOS Asia, Tyler will be contributing his broad technical skills to teach and inspire more developers to create EOS DApps that reach the masses.

3. DApp Projects

What sets EOS Asia apart from many other block producer candidates is our world-class application design and development capability. Our team has built and scaled products from zero to millions of users, and we know what it takes to achieve massive growth, covering all angles from design to tech to business. We’re dedicated to creating EOS DApps that everyone can use and love. EOS Gems and TXT are currently in development. We aim to be leaders in the EOS DApp community, serving as the premier example of the possibilities of building on the EOS platform and continuously shepherding talented developers worldwide to EOS.

EOS Gems


Every EOS fan needs a gem. EOS Gems is an EOS-based DApp and blockchain game that EOS Asia will produce, allowing players to trade, fuse, and collect gems. Inspired by Cryptokitties, EOS Gems brings EOS to the masses. Players cultivate and showcase their gem collection, and can fuse gems to create new and unique shapes and effects. To bring the beauty and wonder of EOS Gems to life, the rendering engine and user interface will be custom-built with three.js. Following the launch of EOS Mainnet, we will airdrop EOS Gems to EOS holders, including a number of rare and mysterious gem forms. Stay tuned!

Website: https://www.eosgems.io

Traffic Exchange Token - TXT


TXT (Traffic Exchange Token) is a revolutionary innovation in the Internet advertising industry. TXT targets the $335 billion market of digital advertising, which currently operates in a black box. Through deployment of event tracking and validation mechanisms on the EOS blockchain, TXT aims to put the power of advertising data back in the hands of the user, remove massive middlemen who take a majority of ad spend, and eliminate fraudulent traffic reporting. The high transaction volume requirements of TXT can only be accomplished with EOS. EOS Asia will provide technical support and advice to TXT.

Website: https://www.txtnet.io

4. Community Service Projects

EOS Go BP Portal


The EOS Go BP Portal is EOS Go’s official hub for Block Producers and Block Producer candidates. With all the new BP candidates popping up around the world, the Portal has a responsibility to organize, showcase, and evaluate the candidates. BPs will come together on the Portal to learn from and communicate with each other, and to organize or participate in offline events. The goal is to achieve mutual understanding between BPs and the community.

Website: http://bp.eosgo.io/

EOS Code Academy


EOS Code Academy will provide online training for developers to create DApps and take EOS mainstream.

A. Live Streaming Tutorial Sessions - EOS Asia will invite blockchain developers and industry experts to stream video tutorials through our official website. We will discuss the core concepts of EOS, walk through the EOS codebase, and invite everyone interested in building EOS DApps.

B. Online Courses and Tutorials - EOS Asia will open-source our technical knowledge of EOS and compile them into online courses such as “Building EOS DApps 101” and “How to Run an EOS Block Producer Node”. These courses will be available to everyone for free. As one of the most technically savvy Block Producer candidates, EOS Asia is committed to sharing our depth of knowledge to the community.

C. Community Q&A - EOS Asia will organize community Q&A sessions in our Telegram group at 9 p.m. on 10th of every month. In these sessions, to our team will answer technical questions and share our DApp development experience.

EOS Hackathons


EOS Asia will promote the adoption of EOS by hosting hackathon events together with our partners at SegmentFault. SegmentFault is one of the largest developer communities in China and has hosted more than 50 hackathons since 2012. Over 10 million developers visit SegmentFault each month to learn, discuss, and connect. The hackathons will take place in four different cities: Hangzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Learn more details at the website:


Conferences & Meetups

EOS Asia will organize and participate in conferences around Asia. We understand that public knowledge and awareness of EOS is still lacking, so our goal is to promote EOS technology and values to the general public, as well as bring all EOS fans together to maximize impact.

5. Technical Details

EOS Asia will employ enterprise-level cloud servers using Amazon Web Services (AWS). In the launch stage, especially immediately after the Mainnet launch in June 2018, block producers will require a high degree of flexibility in order to respond to the rapidly changing needs of the EOS DApp community. Building our infrastructure on AWS provides this flexibility by allowing rapid upscaling based on current network requirements. Cloud servers also provide portability, which allows us to painlessly redeploy servers in additional region as needed. The team behind EOS Asia has extension experience with running cross region AWS services that served billions of requests and spoke in AWS Summit conference.

We choose not to use bare metal infrastructure for this beginning stage due to the high difficulty of rapid-response scaling. However, we will consider bare metal infrastructure in the future, when the technical requirements for block producer become more apparent and predictable. Bare metal servers offer benefits for efficiency and cost reduction in the long term, but only if computing requirements are more stable.

Initial Stage - Tech Specification on the Cloud

We plan to deploy our server instances in AWS Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo regions to best serve the Asia EOS community. These instances will be optimized for high availability, high memory performance, and strong resiliency against possible attacks.

Our initial setup on AWS are summarised in the points below and may scale depending on demand:

  • Primary and Backup Block Producer Node:
    • Network 10 Gbps (up to 25 Gbps)
    • AWS Shield (Managed DDoS Protection)
    • Intel Xeon 8 vCPUs / 256GB RAM / 1TB SSD
  • Public Full Node:
    • Network 10 Gbps (up to 25 Gbps)
    • AWS Shield (Managed DDoS Protection)
    • Intel Xeon 4 vCPUs / 256GB RAM / 1TB SSD
  • Testnet:
    • Network 1G High Shared Network
    • AWS Shield (Managed DDoS Protection)
    • Intel Xeon 4 vCPUs / 32GB RAM / 128GB SSD

Network Topology

Our highlevel cloud infrastructure network topology is designed as illustrated below.

Untitled Diagram (6).png

Our infrastructure follows the Well-Architected framework from AWS to provide the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient services.

We plan to deploy nodes to multiple AWS region starting in Seoul followed by Singapore and Tokyo to best serve the Asia EOS community. All the incoming requests will be routed to appropriate region using Route53 based on geolocation proximity, performance and availability.

Each region is separated into two Availability Zones. AWS Availability Zones are engineered to be isolated from failures in other Availability Zones. Availability Zones within a region provide inexpensive, low-latency network connectivity to other zones in the same region. In case of any failure in node, replicating data synchronously across data centers will be fast. The dual Availability Zones provide active redundancy for the nodes. When the nodes of a particular Availability Zone fail their health checks, ELB (Elastic Load Balancing) will stop sending traffic to those nodes and automatically failover to healthy nodes in other Availability Zones with no manual intervention.

We apply high security at all layers: Virtual private cloud (VPC), subnet, load balancer, every instance, operating system, and application. All traffic will pass through AWS WAF and AWS Shield services. AWS Shield is a managed Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection service that safeguards applications. AWS Shield provides always-on detection and automatic inline mitigations that minimize application downtime and latency.

Mature Stage - Tech Specification on Bare Metal

Once the resource utilization becomes apparent, we will consider moving the cloud infrastructure to dedicated servers to increase efficiency and reduce cost in the long run. All the infrastructure we set up on AWS is automated using Terraform and Ansible. We firmly believe in the approach of Infrastructure as Code to automate and codify infrastructure. This makes moving to bare metal IDC set up much easier. We are still evaluating IDC vendors based in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Seoul and will release more detailed evaluation reports at a later date.

We are also exploring the possibility of using AWS Bare Metal Instance. Although the server specification offering is limited at the moment, this approach combines the best of cloud and bare metal without the hassle of maintaining the stability, availability, and security of IDC.

EOS Community Testnets

We are taking part to mutiple testnets and running BP nodes since the beginning of April 2018, we can be found in:

6. Beliefs

Core Values

We are 100% dedicated to the community.
We will never take bribes or kickbacks.
We reject the struggle for power and profit.
We will only strive for the health of the EOS ecosystem as a whole.


We aim to use our technical ability to create DApps that will push for widespread adoption and take EOS into the mainstream. We will create DApps ourselves, and we will teach, inspire and fund others to do the same.


We believe that a decentralized network requires open collaboration among individual BPs. EOS Asia engages in open discussion with other Block Producer candidates and offers free technical consultations and community support. EOS Asia hopes to join forces with other BPs to fulfill our mission.

7. Contact

Website: www.eosasia.one
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eosasia_one
Steemit: https://steemit.com/@eos-asia
Medium: eosasia
Business: [email protected]
Tech: [email protected]


Impressive introduction post, one of the best we've seen thus far from a block producer candidate.

Welcome and thank you for your hard work building the BP portal, which will be increasingly useful for the community as voters begin to research candidates. We will make sure to maintain it for independence and neutrality but truly could not have made it without you.

Looking forward to the dapps your team will produce and further details of your candidacy, as you move forward towards your next steps; thank you again. Go EOS!

incredibly professional post, you've got my vote!

I look forward to those gems, I have a feeling that app maybe be a killer ;))

Found you from the telegram. As I expressed, I really liked this part:

we will fight anyone who wants to privatize the ecosystem for their own benefit

I think high ethics held by block producers is vital to a healthy blockchain community. Sounds like you have the check in the box. Thank you and following you for more.

Very nice introduction! Welcome to the club!

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