Who deserves what?

in envy •  15 days ago 

Human envy can be defeated only with human stupidity. And steemit in this is not only an exception, but rather even a bait for fools of all sorts. Why doesn’t it occur to anyone on instagram or twitter to follow the account in which some uninteresting or incomprehensible pictures are published? Because there they don’t pay money for it. Let the ghostly and very small, but money. And here everyone, even though they pretend that they came only for the sake of an interesting idea, in fact, secretly dream of enriching themselves at the expense of their useless posts. Outside of the steemit sandbox, all local fighters for the purity of content are not needed and uninteresting to anyone. And here they feel like an important cog in a complex mechanism. Unfortunately, it is they who will never let steemit turn into a popular community that is able to generate money and thereby increase the rate of its currency.


I still consider Twitch a collection of spam content. But, this is a billion-dollar business with millions of consumers.

Whatever I post here, this is my blog and this is my business. I do not force anyone to watch it.

If it seems to someone that I publish spam, then this is not so, for this spam on other sites I get paid. Not big, but real. Therefore, the fact that a pig is an unnecessary stone is a rough diamond for a jeweler. And here I am giving it away for free to everyone.


I myself know very well that I am not a brilliant photographer and that I only sometimes get interesting shots. For every 100 jobs, we get no more than 10 good ones. If you can do more, then you have to prepare your portrait for the Hall of World Glory.

Envy gnaws at you, that you received less for your post than me? Think, is anyone willing to pay for your post elsewhere? And you yourself would pay someone for a post like yours?


I don’t want to argue with anyone, I’m not interested. And for those who come out of jealousy to put flags, I would advise you to go on your own blogs to show us all what content everyone needs. And if you yourself do not know how, then you do not need to teach me what to do and what not to do. I do not need your advice, just as you do mine.

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