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What Envy Is...

Moralist generally give us this description of it: it is a depraved affection or passion of the mind, disposing a man to hate or malign another for some good or excellence belonging to him, which the envious person judges him unworthy of, and which for the most part he wants himself.
Succinctly put, envy is a certain grief of mind conceived upon the sight of another's felicity, or fortune whether real or supposed. it consists partly of hatred, and partly of grief. Envy is vexatious and affects the breast which harbors it.


This are some causes of envy.. First on the side of man who harbors it..
___great malice and baseness of nature.
____an unreasonable grasping ambition.
____Another cause of envy is an inward sense of a man's own weakness and inability to attain what he desires and would aspire to.
___another terrific and most toxic cause is Idleness. This often makes men envy the high offices, honours, and accomplishments of others.

Now on the part of person being envied, this are some of the causes which can lead to them being envied by others
____Great abilities and endowments of nature.
____ The favour of princes and great persons.
____ Wealth, riches, and prosperity.
____A fair credit, esteem, and reputation in the world.

Effects of envy..
___negative mindset, you always believe that no one can be successful without soiling his or her hands in evil. Very pessimistic, others are lazy they succeeded with Juju.
____calumny and distraction. Instead you to work hard to better your self you will be be finding fault, destroying and gossiping to the ear that wish to ear. This is the main reason why village people do fetish things to others so that they will not succeed more than them.
____The last and grand effect of envy, is his utter ruin and destruction;the envious man will be thinking evil for you and if possible execute it which will later boomerang to his or her destruction....

Powerful antidote for envy
___develop love and brotherly affection.
____associate with godly people.
____seek to do good.
____rejoice with people who rejoice

Work on yourself and pray to God sincerely to give you a good mind. Envy will lead to depression, selfishness and a potential poison giver if possible.

Envy is one of “the works of the flesh,” against which every Christian should fight. (Gal. 5:19-21) By not allowing envy to control us, we can make our lives happier and can please our heavenly Father.

This post is subject to correction or addition. Let's make this place beautiful. Let there love, and peace of mind.