The Green Nkwen Village Project

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The Green Nkwen Village Project


Today, @mr-greens met with the paramount ruler of Nkwen Village in Bamenda III Sub Division of the North West Region to discuss the Green Nkwen Village Project which has 5 programs of intervention that aim at protecting water catchments to improve water quality and quantity, establishing the Nkwen Community Forests, distributing the ecoDesigned reusable face masks to beat COVID-19, reducing tire pollution via the upcycling of tires into erosion embankments, seats and eco-houses, promoting environmental education and action, as well as beautifying the Nkwen Fon’s palace with trees and flowers.
At the palace, @mr-greens was warmly welcomed and given the opportunity to discuss with the traditional ruler of Nkwen Fondom, HRM Fon Azehfor III for over 45 minutes during which they established a road map for the Green Nkwen Village Project.

HRM Fon Azehfor III of Nkwen

At the end of their 45 minutes meeting, it was resolved that;

  1. The 1000 COVID-19 Reusable Face masks be distributed in Nkwen Fondom in a fortnight
  2. 1000 Trees be planted in the different water catchments of Nkwen Village
  3. The Fon and @mr-greens visit the sites for the creation of Nkwen Community Forest, Nkwen Community Tree Nursery and a site for the upcycling of tires
  4. A plan to green the Nkwen Fon’s palace be drawn by @mr-greens and presented to the traditional ruler.

Stay tuned to updates!

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