[SRS] The Earth cannot be saved

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Ever wondered how could you save the Earth? Or stop the climate change?
I'll tell you a secret... You can't!
But that's too simple, let's explain it the way even Gretins (Followers of Greta Thunberg, I've stolen this from Tartarus Cast) would understand, well maybe not that simple, but I'll try.

Climate change
Use your brain. The climate change undoubtedly exists, I'm not saying the difference. But it's as natural as a winter and summer. It happens regularly and it always happened (Ice age anyone?) regardless of human interference and regardless on the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Same as the melting and again freezing of the glaciers. Therefore, you are going against yourself, because you actually want to prevent something natural to happen. And you can't. Why? Because we are just humans, it's 21st century. We don't have stuff that is capable of changing weather, therefore we are also unable to change the whole climate. The study of Nikolov and Zeller shows us what actually affects the climate, however it triggered so many emotionally unstable people, that it couldn't survive, and was overwhelmed by "actual studies" of some "scientists". It's surely called somehow, the thing when you're trying to say something to the class, but someone is constantly shouting, so you're not heard. This is the weapon of emotionally driven people. Yes, again, emotions above the logic.

Now back to our planet. The oceans for example, can they be saved? Actually, no. But whyyy, there are already boat-like things capable of cleaning the ocean of plastic. Yes, that's true, but believe it or not, the so called "ocean of plastic", or "continent of plastic", I mean that dump in the middle of the ocean with size of Texas (I believe), is not our biggest problem. What do you wear? Yes, I mean it. What clothes do you wear? If the clothes you're wearing isn't at least 95% cotton, you are guilty of polluting the oceans yourself. I am not, my body hates synthetic clothing. Why is this a problem you ask? Well, I believe you're washing you clothes in the washing machine. That's the actual problem, don't seek for something that is obvious. The synthetic clothing is releasing particles, that the washing machine's filters cannot catch. Modern water purifying plants could (I am not sure, there is just a chance) prevent this problem. But the "clean" water already managed it's way to the ocean, where the synthetic particles land on flora, fishes eat them, and it goes back to the human body. Karma works indeed.

Banning thing doesn't work, don't ban things that cannot be replaced, you are just making people's lives harder, and therefore you make them hate your approach. Simple psychology, really.

So, what should you do to at least have that "nonguilty" feeling. If you really want to help the Earth, use your brain to do something constructive. Stop shouting and attacking on emotions of the people, you are just making things worse. Stop messing into the work of actual scientists working on this problem. Support the real scientists with the real outcomes. Stop using synthetic clothes. If you are so eager to do something, go outside and clean the park, clean the beach, clean your garden. But the main thing, make people like and appreciate your work by really helping, not just shouting and crying.

Use your brain. Emotions are the trigger, not the solution.

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