What is an Ecobrick? A Simple Solution for Your Plastic

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An Ecobrick is a plastic bottle stuffed solid with non-biological waste to create a reusable building block. Ecobricks are used to make modular furniture, garden spaces and full scale buildings such as schools and houses. Ecobricks are a collaboration powered technology that provides a zero-cost solid waste solution for individuals, households, schools and communities. Ecobricks are an exciting way that we can take action today to stop pollution and to start envisioning a healthier way of living with our environment.


Ecobricks are designed to be an indefinitely reusable, cradle to cradle, building block. They are made by stuffing non-biodegradeble plastic waste into a plastic drinking bottle. This enables plastic to be kept out of the environment, and out of the ineffective industrial recycling system. Once packed solid, ecobricks can be used to build green spaces for our community, furniture for our homes, and many other practical applications.


Plastics in the biosphere disrupt the cycles of life. Ecobricking allows the long term retention of control of materials that in all other eventualities would become toxic. Ecobricks make use of the very problem (the longevity of the plastic) to seal the potential toxics away. By Ecobricking plastic into a bottle, the net surface area of the plastic is reduced a factor of several thousands. By Ecobricking only clean plastic, the build up of methane gas is prevented. By sealing the bottle, the degradation of plastic becomes all but impossible.

Because of the incredible longevity of PET that is protected from UV rays, Ecobricking effectively trap plastic indefinitely within a bottle. Its important to build properly with ecobricks-- by doing so, and ecobrick can be used over and over again. Because of plastics longevity, once a construction comes to its end, the ecobrick can be extricated and used for the next project. Learn more about building with ecobricks at www.Ecobricks.org/build

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The content and description above have been written and revised by my team at www.Ecobricks.org over the last three years. We've tried to make the text about as short and sweet as possible. We just launched this new content, including a video and more illustration at www.Ecobricks.org/what

Stay tuned for more!

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This is excellent news. The attach on oil is underway due to electric cars. However many do not realize how many barrels of oil are used to produce those plastic water bottles people drink.

We need to attack the plastic waste around the world and figure out how to solve it.