Annecy lake is empty 😱 🇨🇵 🆘 Friends Trip 009

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East of France is dry !

We are going trought a heat wave for like 5 months now ! Some will call it an Indian summer, I prefer to say : "Fuck, we are in deep shit...!"

No rain at all, just a few storms during the summer, that destroyed even more the dry rivers, terrains...


As the rivers are dry on mountains, they are not providing enough water to continue the water cycle. Annecy lake & "le thiou" the river around the old prison you can see in this picture, lost around 2 or 3 meters high ! It's devastating !


Last time they saw the lake that low was 70 years ago, some will think it's just a natural change ! This is not really my thought...

What do you think about it?


Normaly, the water is like 2 meters deep where we are walking on the photography. Even if I'm nervous about it, and I don't feel safe about what the futur is bringing to us, the beach began to be famous as everyone wants their selfies on the "brand new beach"!


This is just my brain blowing watching all these people having fun & doesn't realise that it's a tragedy.


If you feel concerned about it, you can read this! Chamonix Mont-Blanc valley is dying with the gaz of thousands trucks crossing the boarder to Italy everyday.

Thanks for reading this 🙌

Make sure to resteem it to the steemit community to show what's really going on in the Alps. 🆘

Have a great day 👌


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