Talking with Children about the Environment

in environment •  9 months ago

There are many ways to increase awareness of environmental protection. Talking is one thing, doing is another. I have found a good opportunity to combine a theoretical approach with practical fun. The kids are still at home as school has not started again. Taking them out for a walk in the fresh air provides both activity and by picking up the leftover of the New Years celebration a consciousness for our environment.

Thanks for your attention and vote. Have a beautiful day!

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You have received an upvote from @livesustainably. I promote and curate content that encourages and educates others in living sustainably.

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Thanks a lot, however I don't use promoting tags. I am glad you liked my post.

agreed with you,when awearness come so enviroment will clean

personally do not have kids yet... but we need this in society and everyday life!


So true. Thanks for your comment.