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This is a new bot on the Steemit Platform. New users are receiving 50% and even 100% upvotes as there is little competition for upvotes at this time!

Using this bot will help @livesustainably grow thus developing the sustainable communities on Steemit.


Useful Information

Minimum Bid: 0.01 SBD or Steem
Allows Comments: Yes
Accept Steem Bids: Yes
Refunds: Yes
Post Age Limit: 6 Days
Batch Voting Time: 2.4 Hours

How to Use:

Just Use it Like Others Bot Following these Steps:

First Navigate to your wallet.
Select Transfer Steem or SBD.
Enter "greengrowth" in the Account Field.
Enter the amount you want to bid.
Paste your post or Comment link in the Memo Field and Send

Want More Information

You can check out our posts or check out the Discord Channel where someone will be able to answer your questions.


You got a 25.00% upvote from @greengrowth thanks to @greengrowth! You too can use @GreenGrowth by sending your post URL in the memo field to the bot. Minimum bid as 0.01.

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