Moved to feel the nature

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Captured on MI A1 Google phone

Nearly I spend 12-13 hours in a day with steemit so it make me to feel something dippressed. Inorder to take some rest and feel the outwards nature here came to "Bhadra dam". I expect the place to be hygienic but I founded just against that
Broken beer bottles

Full of beer bottles in broken condition. Here in India drinking liquor are prohibited in most of the family I had seen lot of them writing blog as they were reviewing the beer. We here drinking is considered as a major bad habbit. So the youngsters use these tourist places to have some drink and disposing the bottle as a piece of glasses I don't know whether they think before they doing these bullshit things.
Construction work ongoing

On move towards making myself comfort in good place. I was astronished to see the people working on the construction feild did you the person looking like an ant on the door side. They were really great to do those activities at that such height. It was looking so simple to see the things from far away but when we moved near to it the things they done are unbelievable.

Don't throw plastics and bottles on the tourist places or anywhere else



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