My Experience of the Intense Healing Power in SE Portland's Botanical Gardens for the Spring Equinox

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Blessed Spring Equinox & Supermoon! I started this day feeling like complete garbage, and ended it with the love and understanding I was hoping for. Leach Botanical Gardens of Portland, Oregon is in the running for the calmest and most healing place I have ever been. I was able to release some deep rooted emotions in this forest, and since I was open and receptive to it's healing energy, I definitely felt much better by the time I left compared to when I arrived.


The way the water moved felt like it's rhythms and vibrations were designed specifically for me - to let me know everything will be ok. I felt the Earth respond to me in a way I never have, feeling that IT felt the positivity I have been giving to it throughout my lifetime, and actually gave me some of that much needed attention back directly. Even the way people moved in this area was slower, and everyone seemed to naturally steer clear of everyone else without trying. There was a cyclical energy about, as I felt I was being carried where I was supposed to go in those woods. Two people walked by at one point, and one of them told me that she wanted to see a deer and he brought her up there and viola - deer were there. I said to him (still not feeling that great yet) "you got your wish".

Click pic below to play video of calming water

I am grateful for so many things, and looking forward greatly to the future of this world with more harmony in my life and the lives I touch. I touched a leaf on a bush and knew it heard me, and sat in on a covered bench that was manifested from an Eagle Scout project - which was more than fitting.




This Cabin was owned by Lilla & John Leach - husband and wife. They donated the entire property to become a protected botanical garden,- which it still is to this day. Beautiful.

If you decide to visit this spot because of my post, I only ask of you TWO things... do not blow up this spot, and do not trash it. In fact, it would be nice if you pick up any trash you may find (likely won't be any).


Now that's a woods toilet haha

Tomorrow is "The Day of the Forest" - so please go out in your community and clean up a small patch of woods if your not working all day. This is your home and mother as much as it is mine - pay homage. Blessings - & let the light shine in your life as bright as the light literally shined on me today - just check out those rays in photo #1! <3

If you do something environmentally conscious tomorrow, and would like to have a chance to promote your eco-activist cause even further, then please click here to view the International Forest Day 21st March Steem Challenge hosted by @Eco-Alex, where you will also have a chance to win STEEM prizes for your efforts.

Blessings everyone & stay tuned - into the right frequencies


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Money doesn't matter, but this post does.

Yeah, it's true!

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Woot! Plant Lives Matter!

Plant, human, and all other lives matter. It is all equally important.

Wow!! What a beautiful place, I feel like your words and pictures helped to share the peace of that forest.
I think you hit the nail on the head about living in harmony with nature and also with others we touch. I believe we all could do better to try and bring harmony to this world, instead if so much strife and selfishness.
Love you bro

I could not agree more. Always enjoying your energy on this blockchain. Thanks bro.

You've been visited by @riverflows on behalf Natural Medicine.

Ah, @elamental, I can feel those healing vibes from here! Love that picture of you in the forest! What a great spot. I'm off for some healing natural vibes myself this afternoon - my heart hurts, and it needs a soothin'. Lots of love to you.

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