The Gulf Of Mexico's Dead Zone Is The Biggest Ever Seen

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It's true that here on the Ms Gulf Coast it is just about every year. I was down at the beach a couple of days ago and saw people walking along pulling and ice chest behind them so I new it was a red tjde and they were picking fish.



Gulf of Mexico. It's an area where water doesn't have enough oxygen for fish to survive. And every year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration commissions scientists to venture out into the Gulf to measure it.

This week, NOAA announced that this year's dead zone is the biggest one ever measured. It covers 8,776 square miles — an area the size of New Jersey. And it's adding fuel to a debate over whether state and federal governments are doing enough to cut pollution that comes from farms.

The debate actually goes back many years, at least to 1985, when Don Scavia was a scientist at the NOAA. He and his colleagues asked some scientists, for the first time, to go look for a dead zone in the Gulf.

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Thanks for posting the info.

You are welcome @silver-saver

I was wondering about the part where people picked fish, I'm assuming that if you catch one flopping around gulping for air it's probably okay to eat?

When I was a kid they used to warn about eating them but I think that was the ones that had already died and washed up on the shore. I am sure that just the lack of oxygen does not make them uneatable. Thanks!

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