Who thinks that a sustainable Capitalism is possible? feasible?

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Recently, terminology such as breakthrough capitalism and circular economy were added to sustainability lexicons. These frameworks call for changes to the current economic system.

In the “sustainable capitalism” debate, I find it most interesting to look at the systemic changes required. Here is a short list of what’s broken and what needs fixing to make a meaningful progress:

  • What is broken: (could be other ways)

Shareholder value maximisation, short-term financial focus, perverse incentives & excessive compensation packages
Entrenched interests & powerful incumbents (i.e. ‘too big to fail’ organisations enjoying privatised gains & socialised losses)
Excess leverage, instability & systemic risk in the market - bolstered by surplus liquidity, HFT & excessive speculation.
Regulatory complexity, inadequate valuation & risk assessment.
Tax evasion .
Proliferation of reporting standards, coupled with difficulty in measurement & lack of disclosure.
Limited integration of social & environmental externalities into financial systems.
Perceived powerlessness of the individual.
Wealth inequalities, under-employment, work-life imbalance & a culture of consumerism.

  • How we can fix it:

When we consider “capitalism for the long-term” (See HBR, Barton, 2011), these challenges are not insurmountable and there are leverage points that have the ability to increase our rate of change:

Clarification of fiduciary duty .
Increased transparency of data & unification of standards.
Evidence on the materiality of environmental & social risk.
Sustainable investment structures, products & services .
Active & proactive government policy.

Is “sustainable capitalism” possible? = Yes. The bigger question is: Will we act and when?

Do you agree with these two lists? How and when we will address these?

These ideas were taken from different opinions.


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