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It is the time when almost all food items come in the plastic wrapper. We also have become habitual of buying items packed in such attractive packaging. The more attractive the packing is the more sold, but we forget the other side that how this convenient and attractive packaging is harmful for our environment.
I am always worried about the waste collected after my grocery shopping but couldn't notice that there is an Eco-friendly option available for some food items. This time during my shopping suddenly a thought came into my mind why not I should buy loose items like pulses, rice etc which is packed in paper/cloth bags by the supermarket. These items not only reduce plastic consumption but also cheaper than the items available in attractive plastic packing.


This is also true that it is not possible for all grocery items but at least if we switch for this option for available items we can reduce our carbon footprint.
Most of the time I carry my reusable bag in my vehicle for any unplanned shopping and always take such bag whenever go for shopping. Now onward I also have decided that wherever options available I will buy items in Eco-friendly packaging.


  • What do you think of how can we reduce our carbon footprint by making small changes in our habits?
  • Have you noticed such Eco-friendly options available in the supermarket near you?
  • Are you habitual of carrying your reusable bag with you?
  • Would you prefer the Eco-friendly options over convenient plastic packaging?

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This is an important matter to discuss, the amount of plastic trash we produce is enormous, and even if we can recycle the packages, the chance of them really getting recycled is relatively small... Unfortunately, there are no eco-friendly packaging options available in supermarkets here in Finland. There are just a few specialized shops where you can buy nuts, seeds and dried fruit in an eco-friendly manner, but those shops are quite expensive compared to supermarkets.

I'm always carrying reusable bags with me when I go grocery shopping, but I feel that isn't enough, so I hope in the near future we'll start to see eco-friendly packaging in here too!

Carrying handbag with yourself is good idea.. nowadays most the shopping mall provide paper bag for loose items, but most of the item like biscuits, Maggi and other packed stuff still comes with plastic packing. Government has to stop this, if both companies and consumer tyink about environment then only we will be able to reduce plastic use in our daily life.


Yes, paper bags option available in most of the supermarket but important is that do we prefer to opt it?