Adult Coloring Books: From Hobby to Retail Success Story

in entrepreneurship •  3 years ago 

On this episode of Wide Open World, Witek & Carrie walk us through the development of their adult coloring book business from inspiration to retail sales avalanche.

>>>Click here to watch<<<

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Super cool post! Upvoted & followed! Looking forward to your future entrepreneurship content.

btw you can directly include your video in your steemit post without hyperlinking . Just paste in the normal youtube link like so:

I would except that YouTube doesn't count the views when it's done that way. Also, Steemit doesn't generate a decent thumbnail from the video so I'd have to post the picture again anyway (having both looks weird, as you can see from some of my past videos where I tried that a year ago).

Great post and a revolutionary way to help with many challenges that adults face with depression, concentration, and anxiety.

Nice video, I enjoyed this, thanks

thank you for share please upvote me my friend

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