Bizarre Entrepreneurship @AlteredCarbon | On the interface of profitablity and sustainability

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[...] dealing with the many weaknesses of the flesh. I've interests that need protection [...] Information extraction is a very lucrative niche market

and maybe the most frightening fact is that she indeed survived with her business models one whole season and ten episodes. As well-versed and diligent crypto-entrepreneurs, we know that for instance a successful ICO unfortunately does not mean that the enterprise will be a successful one, too.

Profitability | Sustainability ?

Therefore, building an ecosystem which probably survives the lifecycle of a company could be a promising endeavor. But as long as a firm actually lives, the executives on top have the control over what's going on within its own created frame. And I don't see frame and ecosystem as congruent at that point. Establishing and protecting an ecosystem as crypto-entrepreneur is presumably as complex as keeping a non-profit organization or social enterprise running. The question therefore arises how these kinds of ecosystems can be sustainable (in the meaning of ethically forwarding a society or the participants of an ecosystem) and being profitable at the same time and what kind of contradiction or blind spots one can find?

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In the recent netflix series Altered Carbon Reileen Kawahara asserted her Titan status at a high unethical price by establishing her Wei clinics and by intensifying her business models with the new interrogation program containing these cute little creatures:


(watching such a dark psycho-series is probably not possible without a good and healthy portion of humor )

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The trailer looks awesome i should give it a try !

Highly interesting also for every inventor who tried to make the world a better place :D

Damn, time to renew that netflix membership again, loved Dichen Lachman in the Dollhouse, consciousness switching bodies is exactly my kind of thing, nice to see the theme continued here, this feels like the sequel I yearned so long for :)

With warmest regards! She will officially foremost appear in the second half of the season, therefore many times, of course in cascades :) and she moved from dollhouse to cloud-cuckoo-land :D

Nice one

Daily Learn some new from your post. Love to read it.

this is so great. you got the great point here

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