5 CRM Tools for Small Businesses

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In this video I cover 5 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools that I’ve tried and tested and believe are great solutions for small businesses or businesses just starting out.

The links for these tools are posted below. I hope you find this video useful and would certainly appreciate your feedback in the comments section.

Also, if there are other Customer Relationship Management tools that you think would be useful for small businesses or businesses just starting out then by all means please let us know. Founder Cave is about sharing information and experiences and supporting each other on our entrepreneurial journey so we would love to see that community engagement here!

**** Show Notes, *** List and Resources ****

Here are the links to the tools outlined in this video:

  1. https://www.pipedrive.com

  2. https://www.streak.com

  3. https://www.accelo.com

  4. https://www.hubspot.com

  5. https://www.office.com



Screen shots were taken from the following CRM promo and support videos:

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