5 Phases of the Startup Lifecycle

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Hi Guys,

In this video I provide an overview of the 5 phases of the startup lifecycle. These are:

  1. Problem Solution Fit
  2. Minimum Viable Product
  3. Product Market Fit
  4. Expansion & Scale
  5. Maturity & Exit

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Alan Brannigan
Husband, Father, CEO, Entrepreneur, Tech-Geek, Crypto Enthusiast, Believer in Freedom and Liberty

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Thanks for this valuable insights into startup lifecycle! Very useful!
Stay Steemed!
Love, Unity & Abundance

This is great! Videos that provide personal experience like this are exceptional! Keep it up!

Thanks for this, really applies to me as an entrepreneur.

@nalabra What is your experience with startups? Not challenging your authority, just interested. I have started a few companies myself and have found so much more success when I test mvps and allow my customers to dictate what I am offering instead of trying to guess what they want.

Hi @metama that's a fair question and thank you for replying. You can see a bit more of my bio here but to answer your question I've had 3 startups with mixed success. They one I currently founded and run is a B2B business in its 5th year, 20 employees having raised over $10m. We are in the 4th phase at the moment, focusing on scale.

I totally agree with the MVP process which is why I listed it as the second key phase. I'm glad you have found success with that process and would very much like to hear more about your ventures.

Great entrepreneur tips

intersrting post hoping to see more from you

Hello Alan! Thank you so much for sharing Amazing tips for Entrepreneurship.

the most needed tips

Helpful post sir ☺

Good knowledgeable vedio for every one who is doing his businesses

I like your this amazing vedios

thank you so much for this Great Tips

Great tips!

Kaise karna

People that face the difficulties directly, with the sustained effort to overcome them, always win.

It's pretty good to have a base to start with. Short, simple and precise.

It's pretty good to
Have a base to start with. Short,
Simple and precise.

                 - netsteem

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I agree with everything but not the exit part

Nice article bruv. Just sharing an insight - Ive seen into sales & with the little experience I've gained - Selling is a psychological job ! It requires quite an art to create the need & a lot of persistence to then help your customer fulfill the same. Selling aint of procastinator's and potato couchs ! :) As he said "If you want something go get it - PERIOD!

Nice bro😚😙

Imp tips good work thanks sir

Yes, you are right . This is very valuable tips .

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@nalabra,Great entrepreneur:)

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wow!! nice video sir!!!!

Interesting post good job friend greetings

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Would you say that the start-up lifecycle is different depending on the type of entrepreneur? Also, do you think that the lifecycle affect the entrepreneur as an individual. Does the lifecycle give them the ability to adapt or have the knowledge to pivot?

Thank you bro for a such great video

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Good stuff for entrepreneur, well done

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