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Digital marketing is indeed one of the best strategies to reach a larger audience across the globe. It is a better way to engage your potential prospects and turning the leads into loyal customers to your brand. However the entire process of convincing more customers through the digital platforms to turn to your brand may not be an easy task especially for young entrepreneurs with a limited online presence. It could be frustrating and overwhelming and you could even be discouraged to promote your products especially in the early stages of your digital marketing. You should therefore get some proper strategies to reach more customers. Lenny Leong is one of the top professionals in digital marketing based in Singapore and aims at inspiring other entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses through proper digital marketing strategies. Lenny Leong is fully experienced in data interpretation and providing top ideas on improving marketing techniques on various digital marketing platforms including the social media channels, mobile apps and website among other niches.

This guide therefore aims at giving you some top digital marketing tips based on Lenny Leong’s inspiration to keep your business growing and thriving well.

1.?Consistency posting

According to Lenny the consistent posting trick has saved many people venturing in various businesses. It is very key in getting your business off the ground and growing to higher levels. Being consistent in your social media posts improves your customer loyalty and you are likely to convince them of your reliability and the products that you offer. New followers will also turn into new buyers and this will even save you on spending too much funds on future advertising customers as this trick grows your customers into sticking to your brand.

Lenny has also discouraged entrepreneurs to avoid making just a single promotion only post again after a month when the followers have even forgotten on the previous post. It would be difficult to retain your followers with this kind of a trend. You need to post frequently to ensure that you retain your customers.

2.?Know your place in the social media

As mentioned earlier on, the social media platform is indeed a great place t promote your business and thrive in your sector. However you need to choose the best social media platform that suits your business. According to Lenny Leong the various social media platforms may not be fit for all types of businesses. He therefore encourages entrepreneurs to consider finding out the best platforms where to get more of their customer prospects. This is also an ideal way to know the kind of tactic to consider while marketing your brand.

3.?Know your customer

Lenny suggests: â€â€™ Always focus on satisfying your customer needs and hold yourself accountable to it’’ This implies putting all your effort to satisfy your customer needs. This thus requires engaging with your customers and understanding what they prefer in order to get an idea on the kind of products or services that suits them most. This will also help in measuring your marketing efficiencies and dealing with the customer prospects who are indeed in need of your products. This saves you the costs of promoting your products to customers who do not actually use them.

4.?Build closer relationships with your customers

Engaging your customers more frequently or simple at personal levels helps in building a stronger relationship. This is thus a great technique to grow your customers’ loyalty and make them enquire more about your products whenever they need them. You can therefore create engaging posts while giving your customers a chance to share their opinions on the products and also give their complaints on what needs to be improved to suit their needs. Lenny Leong has always encourage young entrepreneurs to focus more on the customer needs and always ensure that they pay more on the customer opinion son the given brand. Giving your customers what they want is the best way to win their loyalty to your brand.

Digital marketing is indeed the best way to grow your business. However you need to come up with some better strategies to reach more customer prospects and retain them in your business. Lenny Leong is a fully experienced in the digital marketing field and gives the tips availed here in to help you grow your business to higher levels without much struggle. You can also follow Lenny on for more marketing tips and inspirations.

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