Economist and Model?? Investing in your personal brand

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We all see the celebrities launch makeup brands, perfume, clothing lines and many other products just with what looks like just the power of their names and faces. So what comes first, the success of the face and name? or the success of product? and how do you do it yourself?


This is my personalized emoji in my MakeupMoji app ( I also model for my brands as well as my close friends brands that I support. The images at the top and bottom of this post are a behind the scenes picture and a snap shot of a shoot we did yesterday.

Here's the back story of how I went from a wannabe wallflower to investing in my personal brand.

At the beginning of my career, I'm talking working at McDonald's and Cloverdale Paint, I was first noticed for my relaxed and friendly disposition. I found people were drawn to me because of my positive attitude and the ease I approached a task with.

Now this is just my story, for others you will have been noticed for your listening skills or patience or you were a natural leader that people gravitated to. The overarching theme is that we have always found our successes because of who we are and what we personally bring to the table.

For some reason, none of these experiences gave me the confidence to invest in my personal brand. I found more comfort in building relationships with customers and crunching numbers than pasting my face on ads- even if I knew I'd reach more clients this way. Having spent most of my life in classrooms and work places that encouraged you to blend into the curtains I had no real example or experience about what investing in your personal brand looked like.

How do you go from being encouraged to blend into the curtains to spending time and money advertising your face?

The first thing you do, is tell yourself that you don't work for anyone but you. In the same way that no one is responsible for you, except you. It's the same raw, empowering feeling.

The second thing you do is understand wholeheartedly that when people tell you they believe in you, they mean it. Use the strength and encouragement from these people to move you forward. This group is called your support system. Interact with them often.

The third step is being realistic about the fact that you are as capable as anyone else if you are willing to put the time in and keep consistent. Nothing happens overnight..everything takes time. A large transition for me was understanding and adapting to long term growth in business. You gotta settle in for the long haul. The longer you do something the stronger and better it is... ie the more value it holds.

I hope this helps a few wannabe wall flowers get out of their comfort zone and in front of a camera. You'll love it I promise ;) <3 <3



O nice photo :D

Well said Kerri, I'm enjoying seeing someone else posting to #entrepreneur that isn't just talking solely about crypto. You definitely bring a unique angle to it!

Out of curiosity, how do you separate your own personal brand from those of the businesses you're building? Or are they interwoven?

Hi Ross,

That's a great question and exactly one of the reasons I was so stubborn on building a personal brand at first. I believed that if I used my personal brand to launch a business than one would never exist without the other. I believe I was wrong in that thought and missed out on opportunities because I wasn't ready for them.

I use one brand to boost the other. I'll use my personal brand to boost a product and a product to boost my personal brand but I always represent them as separate identities. They are individual brands because they act in their own regard and are always working on different projects within their specific industries. They are interwoven because you usually work with your own brands first.

One thing to keep in mind is that even though you are using your personal brand to boost your business, you want to make your business run without you as a person. The business can keep the brand, but it can't keep you.

For example if the only way you are taking payment is through email, invoice or cash, you want to look into an automated payment processor so you can still receive revenue without YOU actually taking it. Does that make sense?

the girls in the pink bikini reminds me of blossom from the tv show

The girl in the pink bikini is me :) Funny I figured people would know that but I see why not ^^ Cool that I look like Blossom

Hey, more power to you. You are already a step ahead.

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Amazing photography best of luck

really inspiring. thanks for sharing

Thanks for reading ^^

Great post....Welcome to Steemit

Thanks! I've really been liking it :)

Great words, I like your three steps, totally certain .. congratulations

Remember that anyone can do it ;)

You all look great! welcome to steemit btw :)

Welcome. By the way, you are right about branding. SteemIt allows a chance for people to brand themselves in a very good way.

you look absolutly gorgeous

Awesome post dear and Welcome to steemit

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i like your post is cool!!

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I agree, branding takes patience, perseverance, and a business plan. Being your own brand is investing in yourself as a busines.

It definitely is and you never know when you'll find success so you gotta just keep going!

I love the way you write your own life, good post, I'll be following you up starting now!

Hi hi, I always teach the best when I'm telling a good story. Glad that you like it :) Let me know if you want a post about something specific and I can write it for you :)

Great advice, very refreshing to hear some raw and real empowering advice for people who may not feel confident in front of the camera.
Great pics too :)

I'm glad you received my post like that. It's how I wanted it to come across. Now I have a harder time finding a camera to get in front of! Modeling gigs are hard to find and I'm a bit picky ;)

i like you emoji and the MakeupMoji app . this is a great post but i alway like to cover the body because it looks to much more attractive than uncovered body . you are all beautiful , but this way we loose the moment of surprise . it like unwraping a gift . best luck with the app and the brand . i fellow you now , upvoted and resteemed .