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Speaking of useful websites...


It was a normal school day for me a few years ago.
And the teacher was busy solving a problem on the computer...
A friend of me says "Let's watch some Netflix". He started up Netflix and he also opened a website named
Never heard of it before. But then he gave everyone a link, and everyone could watch the movie.
So there we were, watching a movie with at least 10 computers at the same time...literally at the same time. There wasn't even a little bit of lagg!

Few years later

I kinda forgot about the existence of the website and lived my life.
Until I discovered the series Rick and Morty a friend recommended to me.
And I enjoyed it, but my friend said he couldn't watch anymore because his parents canceled their Netflix subscription.
I felt sad for him, but suddenly I remembered the website and I told him about it.


So I asked my friend from school what the name of the website was.
Few seconds later I got my answer, Rabbit he told me.

I quickly typed into the url-bar...
But hey! Gues what this was a site about rabbits, not exactly what I was looking for...😅

So after a quick Google search I found out the site was 😃

Lets get started!

I made an account because the one who streams need to have an account.

We started watching the latest episodes of Rick and Morty and the results were great!

I even watched with my laptop and cellphone at the same time, and the video was played exactly at the same time, I couldn't spot any differences.

What I did noticed was: when I send my friend the link to join the stream via Messenger (from Facebook) and he opens it trough Messenger on the phone, it won't work.
But when he copied the link and pasted it into Chrome browser on his phone it worked fine.

You have the option to chat or call each other aswell so that's a nice feature!

You can also :

  • Watch YouTube videos together
  • Browse the web together

So give it a try, it's very useful.

Let me know what you think about this!

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