The Hunter X Hunter

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Hunter X Hunter is one of my most favorite anime. It is an adaptation of a Japanese manga by Yoshihiro Togashi. The story is all about a young boy, named Gon Freecss, who live in a peaceful island with his friends and family, where he believed that his father was already dead. His father is one of the most powerful and the most popular Hunter, named Ging Freecss, where it focuses its hunting skills in hunting rare and monstrous animals.


One day, Gon meet his father's apprentice named Kite. Kite said that Gon's father is still alive. That's why Gon have decided to leave the Whale Island, where he live, to take the Hunter Examination, in order to follow his father's footstep. While he is in a Hunter Examination, he meet some new people and become his friends. They are named Kurapika, Killua and Leorio, where they accompanied and help each other to pass the Hunter Examination. As a result of their good friendship and team coordination, they were able to passed the Hunter Examination. All of them became a licence hunter.

After that Hunter Exam, Gon and his friends went to struggled against Genei Ryodan (The Phantom Troupe). It is group which consist of a notorious and highly skilled Nen users. Each member has a tattoo of a spider in their body. Those who want to become their member, should able to kill and replace that current member. This is the group, who also wiped out Kurapika's clan. That's why he is determined to fight and defeat them. Kurapika was able to defeated and killed some of their members, while he was also able to sealed their leader's power. After those events, Gon and Killua, enter the Greed Island. It is a game for hunters and it also has a leads to Ging's location.

They was able to win the game and get the teleportation artifact. They used it to teleport to Ging's location, but it leads them to Kite. Where Kite was doing a research into a Chimera Ant. The Chimera Ant is a live eating flesh, they was able to acquire their prey's ability once it was consumed and devoured. That's why killing and eating more Nen power user, will dramatically increase their power. They are leads by their king, named Meruem. Netero, the leader of the Hunter's Association fight against this strongest opponent. Unfortunately, he was died but was able to plant a poisonous bomb inside Meruem's body. Because of that, Meruem was poisoned into death. Everything turns to normal again and Gon was able to meet his father in the last part, then figured out the importance of his father's quest.



Sounds like a complicated but fhn game

I also watched this anime, 1 of my favorite too

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I am also a fan of anime! :)

A big anime fan, especially from the last saga. I am very sorry that the manga is always on hiatus because I really liked that this anime was weekly anime like One Piece, Boruto, and other types of anime are. And of course, animated by the fantastic Madhouse!

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