Philippine Traditional Game: Teks

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Teks is a Filipino word means texted game cards. It has a lot of various texted design, such as comic strips or some anime or cartoon characters. This stuff was once stolen our childhood time and attention. Our childhood generation, collected and try to gathered as many teks as we can, thru playing and winning it against other opponent players. We used to go into a different locations within our entire city, just to play with other opponent out there, since this game was so popular during that particular time.

The way of playing it is easy. You just need to toss and flick, the 3 or more different teks from each player, and it's called a pamato. They should all fall into the ground. The one with a different flipped face will going to win the round and will going to take all of those stake from each player.

I can still remember, when I was a child, during 90's. I used to have a lot of this teks. Those times, that me and my playmates are playing and competing with each other, in order to win and to take home those plenty of teks, then put it in a big box, together.

The teks is just a small and ordinary card, and you can buy plenty of those, in just a few cents. The value of this teks is nothing, compared to those gadgets and toys of this childhood generation, but the joy, amusement and fun that it brings into us, is so undeniable and so incomparable.


Good review.

I used to play this game with my brothers and I seldom won because they make "daya" on me..whaaa!

a childhood story that is very exciting friend

hmm I don't remember this game heheh

Hope children nowadays could experience this moment despite of digital world.