Upgrade on Ballspedia.com (Version 1.02) in view

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Incase you have not noticed, my personal blog just went through an upgrade i would like to talk about.

Its been difficult this days giving writers the right exposure. I mean African writers. I am no saviour, but about few helps i can give. I think Ballspedia.com have gone a long way to giving writers the exact and needed courage to shine.
To be honest i personally converted 70% of ballspedia.com writers to steemians. The remaining 30% dont like something good.

here are few things i can saw about the upgrade

We just did a new upgrade on ballspedia.com
Now you have a newer version.
Call it V 1.02

Expect version 1.5 and version 2.0 before the year runs out.

What we fixed in this new version.

We added renamed pages.

Sport and Funny were renamed from Comics and Jokes.

We added new sections.


This is to display the performance of books per week.
It has been programmed to autoload and reload as books get viewed.

It reloads every week and it shows performance.

The hot book section was not touched.
This sections appears on everypage.


Now you don't have to look for books.
The site auto select books randomly for you on every page. All you need is to finish reload the page and it checks a new page.

This section appears on everypage.


We replaced our regular red color with our brand bright green color to give the site a more colorful look.

Bugs fixed!

We adjusted few Bugs that stopped some books cover from loading.

We also fixed the error page that keeps popping on few pages.

The site now loads faster.

Besides expect a new version soon. We wpould be developing the social interface of the blog. Adding messengers and few other features. We would also include tokens and give writers the ability to trade their work for cash.


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Aye Captain...congrats on the blog upgrade.

Can you accept a prodigal writer back 😭😭?