1 DAY TO GO - Official Video Release of Scary VR Challenge

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TOMORROW (January 31, 2018) is the BIG day for @trulaloo as we release our first official video here in the Steemit Universe. Ready your adrenaline as we unveil our Scary VR Challenge!

This is going to be one heck of a ride.


Promoting the Filipino spirit

For our Trulaloo videos, we decided to stick with Filipino as our primary language, but you'll notice frequent code-switching to English from time to time. Well, that's practically embedded on our culture given that Philippines was colonized by the Americans decades ago. Through our reactions, we are sharing a portion of our culture with you. Hopefully, you'll also be entertained along with it.

By the way, here are the things you can watch out for in this upcoming release:

Try it yourself!

To get a full idea of what Trulaloo members got themselves into, watch this 3-minute clip on Youtube. The title of the video is "Most scary VR video Dare to watch google cardboard --which is the exact clip @trulaloo members watched for this challenge.

WARNING: The video can really be scary, so watch with caution. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Follow our profile @trulaloo for updates regarding the #VRChallenge. There are also other challenges and activities to look forward to, so we hope for the continuous support!


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