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Love Alarm

My new Netflix addiction with kim so hyun my pretty dongsaeng as the female lead.

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Cellphone app Joalarm (Love Alarm) is created. If someone likes you and they are within 10 meters of you, the alarm for the app rings. The app also shows how many people like you, but the app doesn't reveal specific details on who likes you.

Kim Jo-Jo (Kim So-Hyun) is a high school student. She is pretty and smart. She seems like cheerful person, but her parents died when she was young. Since the death of her parents, Kim Jo-Jo has lived with aunt's family. Living there is not easy for Kim Jo-Jo. She doesn't download the app Joalarm.

Meanwhile, Hwang Sun-O is a popular male student at the same high school where Kim Jo-Jo attends. He is the son of a wealthy family, but he is not loved by his parents. His best friend Lee Hye-Young also attends the same high school. Hwang Sun-O notices that his best friend Lee Hye-Young likes Kim Jo-Jo. Hwang Sun-O wants to know if his friend really likes her, so he kisses her.

Korean Drama


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If you are a lover of Asian drama then you should give this 8 episodes drama a try, you might think its a light high school drama but be ready with a box of tissue because the angst might hit you unexpectedly.

The plot is the usual hardworking beautiful heroine that has a lot of debt to pay while one of the male lead is a gorgeous sweet pie with mommy issue but the focus of the drama is what damage a normal app can cause to humanity when people prioritize it and let it control their lives (be careful of the crap you install on your phone, some are just unhappiness in disguise) .

What to expect

  1. Evil mother and aunt
  2. Annoying cousin, friend and school mates
  3. A rich handsome male lead with mommy issues
  4. Time leap
  5. Bromance