We need Thanos!!

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So if you have not see Infinity war, You might skip reading this post. But if you have seen, please let me know your valuable opinions guys. So at the end of Infinity war, Thanos successfully acquires all the stones and snaps his fingers destroying half of the humanity. Basic thinking would be "what a bad guy thanos was and he must be killed some how". But, let us think about it for a minute. The world we live now is nothing but suffering, shallow and bad. Just for an example, we usually go to beaches for some peace and fun but often find ourselves in plastic and filth hovering over waters and affecting the sea world. And don't even need to talk about the human filth that people do like murders, abductions, rapes and all the other prohibited stuff. Honestly, I do not see Thanos as a villan but I see him as anti-hero who just need some peace. But his approach might be wrong. No matter what, we seriously need a Thanos for the current world scenario. What say guys?

Pic credit: http://marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com/wiki/Thanos


I think we need to replace greed with gratitude. What if everyone was grateful? Imagine the positive flow that gratitude would bring. Spreading #gratefulvibes would be awesome!!

well Indeed we need to fo that. We need to be more grateful for the things we get and have less egos and jealousy

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