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3 Card Reveal)

Card 1 (Left)JUSTICE: A richly dressed goddess sits between two pillars. In her left hand she holds the scales of justice, and in her right a sword is held upright. This sword is a symbol of the power of truth, wisdom and order. The figure represents the serious nature of appraisal and judgement that is justice.

Justice in the Tarot represents logical, clear minded and unbiased decisions. She represents the golden light behind the veil. Justice exists at the middle of the numerical sequence of the Tarot so she holds the central position, one of balance.

Because the card is drawn in the upside down or reversed position it has a reversed meaning from the upright meaning.
You may be encountering injustice, either in a legal sense or in life. There are laws underpinning the universe which are not understood by our modern, rational, scientific minds.
It may be that you are swimming against the tide, trying to be something or someone that you are not. The Justice card reversed will throw you up time and time again on the shore if you battle against your True Self, Suddenly when the light begins to penetrate your mind, you see clearly what you must do in order to restore harmony and peace.

Card 2 (Middle) The Wheel of Fortune: The wheel of fortune describes the cyclic nature of existence. It is depicted on the card as turning wheel. It is a mandala, a symbol of wholeness. A magical, golden winged being appears in each of the four corners of the card: an angel, an eagle, a cow an a lion. These being represent the fixed signs of the zodiac, the principles that do not change in the ever turning cycles of life. Everything that happens in the universe takes place within a fixed frame of reference. One complete turning of the wheel represents the year with its ever repeating four seasons.

The upright meaning indicates that you have ended one major cycle of learning and are ready to enter a new stage of life. You reap now what you have sown in the past. Mush has been learned by waiting and watching and now is the time to act. Lucky opportunities my fall into your lap and you are ready for change. Trust the cycles of your life and the wisdom of your own rhythm.

Card 3 (Right) The Fool: An androgynous youth stands on the edge of a cliff, seemingly heedless of the drop below. The Fool represents our inner self about to embark on another of life's adventures. A little white dog jumps at the heels of the youth, a symbol of our need to listen to our instincts. Held in the left hand is a white flower, which represents our essential purity. The youth carries a wooden staff or rod with a bag or bundle on the end, representing the need to travel light in our new adventure. This bag is thought to hold the four magical symbols of the Tarot, the wand, the cup, the sword and the pentacle. The whole figure of the Fool denotes openness, carefree, joyfulness and innocence.

Once again we have a reversed meaning. When you draw The Fool reversed you must be prepared to stop, look and listen. You can become confused by too many details and miss the obvious. Remember you are essentially free like the fool in the card and you do not have to dance to anyone's tune. However, do not rush into an opportunity which presents itself, for there may be unseen problems.

It is almost as if there is a hidden snag as the fool steps off the cliff. Drawing The Fool card does indicate something inside you wants an adventure, a change, and this is a very real feeling. A change will come soon, but the opportunity may not be the right one or something about it needs to be adjusted and made more safe. Wait and sleep on it before giving your answer to anyone.
Revell, Lindel Barker. (nd) The Tarot & You: A simple guide to using the cards for self-discovery and prophecy. Crescent Books. NY.

I hope you had fun picking your card and reading about it. Remember this is for entertainment only.

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