Gopal Bhar (Bangla) NEW Episode - 539 গোপাল ভার) - Episode 539 - Chamatkari Pathor - 9th September, 2018

in entertainment •  5 months ago

About Gopal Bhar:

Gopal Bhar was a $legendary court jester in $medieval Bengal. He was in the $court of Raja Krishnachandra, the $famous king of Nadia in the 18th century AD. $Such was the genius of Gopal that the King $considered him as a Navaratna of his court. His $statue can still be seen in the palace of Raja Krishnachandra. $Stories about his exploits are narrated in Bengal to this day and are immortalized in $countless short stories. The $stories are short, beautiful, humorous and have a specific social message. $Gopal Bhar is famous for stories of his wisdom, in which he $outwits other

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