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Sup peeps, na another episode be this oo!!!
Welcome to my blog today, it another exciting episode of our dairy.

Thanks to everyone for the love so far, thanks for coming back to read, thanks for the comments, thanks for the upvote, and resteem.
I love you guys


Who else noticed this week, it kinda ...
Well maybe it from my side, this week dull ooo. With the dip again, everything just collide together.

Well I was at Oshogbo, na siwes carry me go there. Very soon na America we dey go. Lolss

Well the week has come and gone amd it's Friday.

Happy Ramadan to the Muslim brothers and sisters, meanwhile I'm waiting for my rice and ram oo.


*Ok my people dont forget our show 7pm on @naijapidgin discord channel today Here is the link

  • So I was strolling through and I saw this travel post by surfyogi. You would like it, see it here

  • Have you heard of #naijahealthcare?
    Also an initiative of @ogoowinner, see here to read more

  • Have you heard of qunqun?

  • And the dent app with free data? Link here

See no gossip for us today oo, everybody just maintain lane oo, maybe because of the heartbreaking fall of our dear steem and sbd.
I was just roaming round all groups, some just be like cemetery.

Well I was able to gather this few

  • So that was how @jblsignature flagged @onos😂😂😂😂😂. All this people practicing flagging

  • @drigweeu, humm the day you turned to peninsula doctor u will tell me oo.
    Has your waist gone?

  • You no see the 13 years old Lydia way dey they puyeke for wall. Na @naijapidgin I see that one

  • You should see the epistle one Mr Z sent to @jblsignature. Lolss
    I can't laugh oo

  • @mittymartz, kuku come and carry @soorefunmi to your Abakaliki na. Is nor only miss, u will miss

  • @onoz, who is that Miss that called you heartbeat?

People are getting so conscious about anything that has to do with relationship ooo.
I don't understand oo, I was unable to get any relationship gossip oo.
You piple be doing your relationship, I'm not doing amebo again ooo😭😭😭.

Ohk, @burlarj gave me this idea... let's see siblings on the block chain.
So here is a list of some whales and there sibling(s), you might not know.

@gprince sibling is @mightyprince

**@ewuoso brother is @gallantmayor

@julietisrael is @jessycute

Sup there, how is steemit going. Well these days I hear a lot of newbies complain so much.
Some after spending hours on a particular post, it gets close to noting on payout. I can be so disheartening.
See, is everybody that is complaining oo.
Just continue posting, making friends, stop spamming and begging for upvote, have patience and pray. Yes Pray!
@mermaidvampire runs her full time contest, guess and win token. Visit her blog and win something

  • Dont forget @gee1 fun corner, make sure u have fun.
    Mondays, - man crush monday
    Wednesday - Woman crush wednesday
    and Thursdays - Throwback Thursday

  • @ulog is there too, tell us how you spent your day
    So many contest and challenge to participate in.
    Just make sure you are catching enough fun.

Just don't give up, not now...
Better days ahead, hun?



  • **Around the world with @daniel-otaniel
    Have you heard❓
    There's a new show on the blockchain‼
    It's sure going to blow your mind‼
    *Check it out here

  • A block chain saloon here
    Something big is coming your way, ladies and gents... your one stop salon is here. 😍
    It's free, it's superb!
    Stay trendy, stay glammed!
    Look good at almost no cost.
    Check it here

  • you love song?
    Them this is for you
    Hey fellas😍...
    Presenting to you, the best of its kind on steemit. Something you'd love to be a part of..
    Let's sing🎤... And earn alongside🎼🎼..
    Trust me you don't need a great voice😎, Its all about the fun people...💃💃
    Make a video of yourself singing a song in the genre of the week and BAM!...😁 That's it!... 🤩🤩 EARN!!! for your video
    Isn't it amazing that everyone gets something?!.. Give your entry as a comment on the post and entry with the highest number of votes gets the grand prize!!!!🤓
    Donations are highly welcome,🤭
    If you feel like adding value to this.💫
    VOCALLY to the moon!.

You won't want to miss these announcement

And for tomorrow, Saturday anticipate...

  • @zizymena Saturday relationship night. You shouldn't miss it, with the show on discord #naijapidgin 8:00pm (Hahaha)

  • @adoore-eu, restaurant with mouth watering meal(you know I love you mum)

  • Lets talk about it with @oluwatobiloba on Saturdays

  • @soorefunmi saturdayselfiecontest

  • @camzy g.o.a.t. the entertainment flash guy. More gist pls


  • Happy birthday in arrears to this amazing people

Have a blessed year ahead


First 5 to resteem gets 0.20 each
Thanks for coming. Muhaaa

All pictures are from pixabay

To my awesome readers, thanks for coming. I love you.
Thanks for taking out time to read my amebo don't forget to join me on discord ooo see here for the discord link
Thanks to @zizymena, @jeaniepeal, @adabless, @burlarj, @bookoons, @daniel-otaniel😘 for the support so far.
Thanks for the gist.
I'm so sure you love my steemit dairy, and I take it as a duty to get you entertained.
So do you have a complain, contribution or suggestion? Feel free to drop it on the comment box. I love you.

To send me gists and gossips or an upcoming birthday, events or to place your advert, contact me on..
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Discord- rebeccafl

you might want to support my dairy, feel free to show the love, by sending steem and SBD donations to @rebeccafl. Thanks

Until I come your way again

Be you!


Hello @rebeccafl i hail o
Wont want to miss the @naijapidgin shows for anything, HBD to our steemit celebrants and welcome to the steemian newbies:)
Your diary makes sense jawe thumbs up, planning on doing something similar to yours;)
Thank you for sharing at this hour

Ohk dearie, the blockchain is open for all😘

@rebeccafl please drop me down o
This amebo girl 😂

Lolss, i no carry you na.
Se na u?

Confam amebo geh 😂
Nice job dearie

Mama, my hands dey up oo

@rebeccafl doing what she knows how to do thanks for keeping us updated on steemit happenings dear

Thanks mama😘😘

Hello! I find your post valuable for the wafrica community! Thanks for the great post! @wafrica is now following you! ALWAYs follow @wafrica and use the wafrica tag!

Lol, everybody Don ready for you na, they will make sure you no hear pim about their relationship life...

No worry, i go surprise all of them.
Thanks dearie😘

The gossip mistress herself.... The Catch You this time..

Lolss. No worry oo
I know u are part

@Rebeccafl, thank you for using the naijapidgin tag.

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I enjoyed reading this as always
It keeps getting better.kudos dear

Thank bae😘😘

Nice, but you missed my brother on steemit. Its an assignment, go and find out. Hahahaha. Nice one this week, well done, amebo

Thanks mama
I will find out your brother, dont worry

You too will b doing Amebo up and Down



Lol, no enough amebo this time? Hahaha
No mind me, u always entertain me

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