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Enter studio

setting microphone, set everything
*(soliloquizing... Na wa oo, no too much amebo this week oo. People don set keep quite now oo. Humm.)
strong face... By force by fire, I will find them

seat down, adjust sit
(praying... Baba God I thank you for everything you do for me oo, bless my blog and bless my fans blog for steemit oo. Every spirit sitting on sbd, holy ghosts fire set their bumbum on fire) in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen!)

clears throat, sip water

testing microphone
hello twe twe, hello.

increase volume

Light on!!!!!

Thank God its Friday!!!!

Hahahha, my people na still your favorite girl dey studio oo. And as usual gossip dey, just relax make we have fun!

light out
(I feel nervous self)

Light on again!!!
(Shift to English)

Thanks to everyone for the love so far, thanks for coming back to read, thanks for the comments, thanks for the upvote, and resteem. Thanks for going me on the studio
I love you guys. Muhaaa😘😘

So this week went well, humm something tragic happened.
My grandparent house got burnt, so disheartening. But glory to God no one died, but loss of of property.
It was so bad, the house looks disastrous.


*Ok my people dont forget our show 7pm on @naijapidgin discord channel today Here is the link

  • so if you haven't heard about Qunqun just give me your steemit password. Lolss
    Qunqun is what trending now, see it [here](I am the QunQun community platform user - firstlady, invited you to join QunQun.My invitation code: PLGPNH,yesterday issued a total of $927 reward,click the link to download QunQun now

  • Everyone is busy doubling their hustle. God bless our hustle oo

  • Have you heard of #naijahealthcare?
    Also an initiative of @ogoowinner, see here to read more

  • @bigwaves has something big to offer. Well we are told to use @bigwaves and @nigeria tag, so as to get curated

  • And the dent app with free data? Link here


  • So things where going really smooth, sbd is down so people are looking for alternatives, and steemhurt came up just to double the hustle , thaf was how some agent of jelousy came oo and started snitching on there fellow hunters oo, getting them blacklisted. Can you imagine that, some piole are just too... Na was oo

  • @Illuminatus that girl is too big for you oo, just come to me, I will still forgive you

  • @eunireal1 wetin u bring come back from village. Village girl. Terry baby

  • @ewuoso and woman
    Is like Berniesanders and flagging( is nor me that write it oo, and according to my findings he is still a virgin😂😂) 🏃🏃🏃🏃

  • @camzy you continue drawing toon for other girls oo. See forget it, come and remove this ring from my finger

  • @adabless you are the only fine girl on steemit abi?
    The next time someone draw toon for you I will just block you on WhatsApp, flag you on steemit, mute you on status. 😂😂😂

  • @adabless ( the day your name will not appear here, maybe have stopped steemit. Lmao) so you went to uyo abi, I'm sure she repaid @drgiwee visit😷
    Even @evelyniroh self they there and one cute anti like this (beauty runs so well in your family oo, your mum go fine gann oo)

  • @zizymena!!!!
    Come and tell me the fifth hole ooo. She said there are five holes in the female body. Lolss

  • @⁨Anikys3reasure⁩ the most savage girl have ever come across

  • @peakreal1 so you want to flag somebody with that your 2sp Abi?, the lord is your muscles

  • @driwgee obviously has a PhD in sexology. No doubt ( he almost disvirgin my ear in euro nation group) lolss

  • @ewuoso and @burlarj
    So you this local farmer cannot say please abi?
    And you this ABC teacher you too cannot let the matter die down abi?. I caught the both of them on @euronation group. Lolss.
    @ewuoso, don't finish the chicken oo

  • So @mritnobigdeal made this shocking confession "@jeaniepearl I love you.
    You will always be my crush"
    Jeany and her crushers. Hummm

  • So that was how @t-flames and @sapphire disappeared from airhawk

  • So @mritnobigdeal and @itoroarchibong lives in the same compound and both of them didn't even know.
    Bae go and cook for boo oo


  • so @⁨Prechyrukky was rumored to be with @⁨marvel⁩1206
    Well she later made a confession that @marvel1206 is her son and @burlarj is the bobo. Lolss

  • Who else noticed that @preciousimo is no longer with @roseblessing. I heard the new bar on ground is @scarletmedia, don't ask me how I knew. Walls have ear. Lmao

  • @camzy confessed to me that he has a crush on someone...
    He finally broke my heart. I'm so done with him!


World Cup News


  • Brazil keeps it late to edge a resilient Costa Rica side

  • ARG suffer worst World Cup Group stage Defeat in 60 Years

  • Mbappe becomes France youngest goalscorer at the World Cup
  • France knocks out Peru, advances to Round of 16
  • Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Morroco are out of the World Cup
  • Ronaldo becomes the Highest European goalscorer as Portugal edges pass Morroco
    Thanks @daniel-otaniel for the update

Hello baby, smiles.. I have you in heart gun?
So if you are reading this and you are just one month old on steemit, tell me in the comment box, I have something for you😘1. item
Just continue posting, making friends, stop spamming and begging for upvote, have patience and pray. Yes Pray!

I suggest the following tags

  • @mermaidvampire runs her full time contest, guess and win token. Visit her blog and win something

  • Dont forget @gee1 fun corner, make sure u have fun.
    Mondays, - man crush monday
    Wednesday - Woman crush wednesday
    and Thursdays - Throwback Thursday

  • @ulog is there too, tell us how you spent your day
    So many contest and challenge to participate in.
    Just make sure you are catching enough fun.

Just don't give up, not now...
Better days ahead, hun?



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    Stay trendy, stay glammed!
    Look good at almost no cost.
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  • you love song?
    Them this is for you
    Hey fellas😍...
    Presenting to you, the best of its kind on steemit. Something you'd love to be a part of..
    Let's sing🎤... And earn alongside🎼🎼..
    Trust me you don't need a great voice😎, Its all about the fun people...💃💃
    Make a video of yourself singing a song in the genre of the week and BAM!...😁 That's it!... 🤩🤩 EARN!!! for your video
    Isn't it amazing that everyone gets something?!.. Give your entry as a comment on the post and entry with the highest number of votes gets the grand prize!!!!🤓
    Donations are highly welcome,🤭
    If you feel like adding value to this.💫
    VOCALLY to the moon!.


  • You are shy to remove your sister's Pants from the drying wire when its about to rain. But you can remove the pants of someone's sister with your teeth abi 😏😏
    Heaven Knows You're Mad 😂😂

  • Do you know that telling lies started from primary schools with this song.
    ' I remember when I was a soldier '
    When were you a soldier ?

You won't want to miss these announcement



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Now that you said I should go cook for him... If I carry belle Shae you will give me SBD😂😂😂😜

Is cook i say u shuu cook oo
Se bele is inside cook ni?

Cook and go home oo found a way to lift our spirit despite the dip in crypto....go girl!

Much love for you sis, you are the best!
Thanks for checking up on me

What girl are you talking about?

That beautiful one

Shebi i told you....

you this girl Ehnn Amebo things good job like always at least let us know them small

Thanks dearie😘

Thanks for the mention and promoting my contests. I appreciate that and wow, I read Pidgin! Yeiey! Hahaha! Have a nice day, @rebeccafl.

Hehehe @mermaidvampire you are excited you read pidgin, perhaps @naijapidgin should invite you to learn some pidgin. What do you say?

I'd love it and if I find time, I would! Thanks!

We will write you Soon ma'am😊😊

Hahaha, you're so sweet. Drop the ma'am, call me Karen or Mermaid. Thanks!

Mermaid, do have pearls😍

Wow, see who is here.
Thanks for stopping by😘

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You are very funny you this girl. Honestly. So you still brought me here? Lol

Catch me if u can🏃🏃🏃

@rebeccafl issa goal.........
Mad fun in here
Glow on

Much love for you baby😘😘

Hello everybody!
Something just happened right now and I'm very happy.
Nigeria just won Iceland.

Nice amebo today @rebeccafl and the fun corner got me cracking.

And it is a goal!!!!
Lolss.thanks for coming

This gal still mentioned my name
Which @drigweeu that names sounds familiar...
I will get another toon ready for your flag.
Mad gal

U will just leave steemit if i flag you😂😂

Ur flagging cannor blow odinary breeze..
B making noise upandan

lolzz,mistress of All amebo,how you take gather all this info

My sister, is God that is helping me oo.
Lolss,thanks to many wonderful friends in the community

Chaiii which one you wan attach me with nwa aba @asabless , and uyo dis what? This gal wont ki me

I cannot kee you😜😘

i have nothing to say

Better, cos i can send you slap if you say anything

I jus knew u aff craze teh teh.. Iz nor today..

Me i jus aff one kesan
Slike you wantu see me in your dream this night

I wish steemit has vn, so tpu can listen to how hard i'm laughing. Hahaha
Is the two of us that craze, i know that one

@ewuoso head dey my under,hahaha. he is my number one steemit farmer
You can go and hug sign post, that your jug of tea. Leme come and be going🏃🏃🏃

Chai. How did my head get there?

A friend that will ask me to say please b4 he can help me is not a friend. I have settled the matter by unfriending him. No issue