Remakes are the new Trend!(Which I dislike)❗❗❗

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Remakes Remake Remakes!!! all around. Is the originality still left here? Today, I am going to specifically talk about Bollywood! I do not know that how many of you must be familiar to it but yes, For those who are they must be aware of the lack of originality pursuing in Bollywood industry these days.

Whether it is songs or story its all about remakes, even the original does not do much business than the remake ones does! which indeed is not justified. I completely dislike the idiotic trend of remakes.
Most of the movies are the remake of south Indian movies and almost all songs in 2018 were the remake, which has left no room for originality of thoughts.

Me thinking about the future of entertainment cinema as it is running out of originality! The picture credit goes to Google Images!

It's we the audience are responsible for accepting and enjoying those remakes making movies do the business of above 100 cr. and accepting the old songs remixed with some shitty rap and singers. I like raps but with some authenticity if I talk about raps in India I do like Emibay etc but only because their raps owe a original song and not the manipulation of some beautiful old melody.
This is degrading Indian cinema's reputation, which is known for some amazing group of artists and cinema. I hope this 2019 year may bring some more creativity with authenticity into Bollywood making it much reputed industry!
I would love to read your views about the subject! feel free to show yourself in the comment section below.


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Well, it's the same in Hollywood, I think we've this problem worldwide.

In my opinion, the 90's were the last decade with a lot of new stuff, 2000 - 2010 people get a bit new stuff mixed with repetitions, after this it was over and the time of Remakes started, no matter if we talk about Bollywood, Hollywood, european films or stuff which the Far East shows.

Maybe the most things are found in these days, so it's times to improvise.Probably the Russians don't show new stuff compared to their old stuff, but I didn't see much films from this country, so their films have an effect on me as if they "would be" new and that's what I enjoy a lot at the moment.

It's just a tip of course, but I can just to suggest to try it and to view movies from countries where humans have complete other mentalites and make complete other films, then it's exciting to see this (for you "new") stuff to the first time in your life. ;-)


Hahahah true! It's really boring, Now a days I am watching those films which I used to watch when I was younger, with just a bit of addition of idiotic music and exaggerated characters in it.
Thanks for your attention here:)