Nordic noir - recommendations

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I'm a big fan Nordic Noir. Here in the UK we get to watch a lot on demand from Channel 4. I'm just about to finish Norskov, which has been good if slow to get moving (tends to be a feature of the genre). So far my favourites have been:

Trapped (Iceland)
The Bridge (Sweden / Denmark)
Follow the Money (Denmark)
Blue Eyes (Sweden)
Black Widow (OK, it's Dutch so not Scandi but similar style)

Pretty good:
The Killing
Borgen (Missed some episodes and never quite caught up)

Modus (good start but far too many convenient coincidences)
Black Lake (silly)

The fad for Nordic Noir seems to be waning a bit but I still love em. Any other recommendations?


I'm also a lover of Scandi TV. Have you seen Occupied? Season 1 is on Netflix UK, waiting to watch Season 2 (not really Nordic Noir, but a great show).

I loved Black Widow's. Is the second season available in the UK (I'm new here!).

Oh and another Norwegian show called Acquitted. This is tricky to find - but it's into the second season now and has stunning scenery.

Also did you see Lilyhammer? Not Nordic noir, a bit like a Norwegian version of Fargo.

I take that back. I just found Acquitted on Channel 4 - both seasons!

No I haven't seen any of those. I'll check them out. Thanks. Mammon series 2 was pretty good - did you see that? I found series 1 a bit confusing but they got it together next time around.

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Its worth taking a look at other dramas from the region. Rita and The Legacy (Arvingerne} are good choices for straight drama, but Real Humans {Äkta människor} is fantastic if sci-fi is your jam ~ the UK Channel 4 remake doesn't even come close to doing it justice.

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