The best time to eat breakfast, according to a nutritional expert

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If breakfast was a character in the world of Barbie, it would likely be Alan—easily ignored in favour of lavish brunches and hastily compensated for by mid-day snacking. While the first meal of the day may not command the same main character energy as other meals, ensuring that you are getting adequate nutrition from the first meal of the morning can play a fundamental role in determining your energy levels throughout the day. But what is the best time to eat breakfast and what should be included in your plate? We took our questions to a nutritionist and here’s what we found—and no, a grab-and-go coffee on an empty stomach doesn’t make the cut.

What is the best time to eat breakfast?
The rule of thumb is to have breakfast within one hour of waking up, according to nutritionist Karishma Chawla. “This helps keep the metabolism high and prevents muscle loss as well as cravings in the
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