Fidget Spinners are the Coolest Kid's Toy Ever!

in entertainment •  last year

Hey Steemit, Why are fidget spinner's so damn cool?

Growing up in the 90's we got our high collecting POG'S

I mean pog's are awesome, they come in a million different colors and have pictures on them.

But Fidget Spinners come in a million different shapes, colors, forms, and they spin in your freaking hand.

I was at wrestling practice the other day, and a kid was showing me a sweet fidget spinner trick.

I couldn't quite figure out why all the kids were laughing, but he balanced the damn thing on one finger. Amazing Right?

There was a lady at my work today that wouldn't buy her daughter a fidget spinner, because they weren't gonna be worth money like baseball cards.

Who is to say that fidget spinners aren't gonna be collectible?

How many people have collected something as kids and actually made money off it later?

Has anybody on Steemit collected anything?

What was it?

What made it special to you?

Do you hate this fidget spinner craze?


I really want to know the answers to all of these questions, because I think fidget spinners are cool and I love seeing a fun new toy craze.

Have a Great Night, and Enjoy Your Weekend

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Got my kids some. They talked me into getting g one for myself. Now I have 2 for myself. I just like them. Idk.


They are addicting right? lol
You can't help but want to say something bad about them.....
Then when you start playing with one, it's like a stress ball
you can't let go of it




I am now getting one for my cat:) haha
Meow Meow will love it


nice i bet he will lol

I play with my nephews fidget spinners all the time. They are awesome.
I used to collect pogs, also Pokémon cards, I stole all the ones I got though hahah


I used to steal your pogs when I was a kid....
You or the other neighbor used to have a cool case:)


Sum bitch.

Yeah. They're pretty good. Everyone in my house has one and loves them.


Heck Yeah
Does anybody in your house collect them or just chill with the one they have? lol

I collected Pez dispensers when I was growing up. My mom thought it was silly, but it was my childhood favorite candy, so when I found out there was a collectibles market, I got a bit obsessed. There was a lady in our neighborhood that had a whole attic full of them, in the packages, from all over the world!


Oh crap! Pez Dispensers!!! I forgot all about them, I used to love the looney tunes ones haha
But that is awesome, kudos to the old lady for holding onto them her whole life:)
Do you still have them? Tell me you do?


You could say it's been a constantly rotating collection since I became a mom 😂 ...I can't resist buying them though. Old habits die hard.


Yeah, its a game changer for sure! Lol...maybe one day you will get a collection going again and be able to happily give the box to a girl!..or sell them and make money.

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