Azadeh - World Premiere exclusively on steemit.

in entertainment •  10 months ago

Dear Audience,

I have decided to world premiere my latest film, Azadeh, exclusively on steemit.  I have submitted the film to 15 of the top national and international film festivals throughout the world (Cannes, Tribeca, SXSW, etc...).

The film was shot during the height of the green revolution in Iran.  It tells the remarkable true story of a young girl who is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice after her best friend gets trapped in a landmine field.

I completed production on the film in 2010, but never had the opportunity to properly edit it until now.  This is the final, directors cut version.  The reason why I have chosen to world premiere the film on steemit is because the reason I make films is for my audience.  You should have direct access to my work without having to travel to an international film festival in order to see it.

Steemit is a remarkable new platform that allows me to connect directly with those who matter the most --you, my audience.  I hope you enjoy the film and I can't wait to have a discussion with you and answer any questions you may have about the creation of the film.

Wishing you all the best,


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Looks like I picked a good day to work from home! Too bad I don't have a cameo in this one.


You do. I casted you as the landmine! Eliya the Landmine!

excellent the persevering one wins


Thank you brotha!

I liked the film very interesting and I give it a Resteem it


Thank you so much!

Very intriguing and compelling information. Be sure to follow me for cryptocurrency tips, updates and information! :)