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I was lucky to go to the a-ha concert this past weekend at the AFAS Live in Amsterdam and be surprised to see how loyal music fans can be. I'm not a fan, but for some bizarre chain of events, we got the tickets and looked forward to hear some sounds of the 80's.

To be honest I only knew one song Take on me, so when they started the concert with that number I thought "the next 2 hours are going to be really long"...


Surprisingly it was not! I liked the sounds and the music was truly appealing. The concert format was really simple, the band was playing while beautiful graphics were displayed on the background. Of course, you cannot expect much action of these guys since they were in their twenties almost 40 years ago.

I was most impressed with the fans. There were a lot of people who came from all over Europe to visit the concert. They knew all the songs and showed a lot of respect and appreciation for the band, even after all these years without no new world hits (whatever that means).


The good news is that they have a concert tour planned for next year so I'm sure all the fans cannot wait for the second half of 2020.

Personally, my most sincere thanks to all the fans who keep the good music going!

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