This is a Portable Internet TV system that has Movies, TVShows, Live TV, english and spanish, Sport events!

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Hi, if you would like to have a simple way to watch TV, Portable, with huge amount of channels.

Check this Video!

You need Internet, a TV with an HDMI input and a Roku device.

Offers + 4000 New Release Movies, Most Popular TV Shows, Top US, Canada, Latin America TV Channels, + 1000 live Concerts, Fitness Video Programs, Adult Movies and TV.

How does it work? It's a Monthly or yearly subscription, it works via the internet and you need an Android or a Roku Device, if you don't have one we sell them.

How much does it cost? 20 usd per month 

Roku Stick:  70 usd

Please contact us any of this methods: 

phone+52 1322 2167014

Instant HelpDesk, 

Please Schedule a Live Demo with us!