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The concept

A community-controlled game (CCG), is any video game featuring a single avatar that is controlled by more than one person. As the definition of a CCG refers to the way a game is played, rather than aspects of the game itself. Wikipedia

In this forum the game is played with the storyteller or gm or op writing the narrative of the game and giving players choises to vote for. The storyteller can also give players the chance to do write-ins as a choice to vote. Voting is done by upvoting the preferred choice. It is in the storytellers discretion how he or she should manage the game.

The storyteller should take in consideration the will of the players and players should take in consideration the fact that choices have consequences. The narrative games gain a alot from community involment and it is incouraged that if so inclined the players can participate in making the world of the given game a reality. So illustrators and DJ:s are allways welcome.