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Hey guys,

Today I am sharing a continuation of my series 10 Misconceptions About Africa from yesterday's vlog.

Among the topics I'm covering include;

  • Africa is technologically backwards
  • All Africans Live in Huts
  • Africa Needs Foreign Aid to Develop
  • Africa is a Desert- Always Hot
  • All Africans are Black
  • Dangerous Animals Roam the Streets of Africa lol
  • Africa has No History
  • Afrians Speak African, really? Lol


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✋🏾 Do you live on trees?

and, and, is that a mud hut I see in your background there?
and, and..

Hhahahaha! How Could I forget tress!! lmao.

I have missed part 1 looking that up now

We recently discovered that our internet connection here in Australia is slower, on average, than in many African countries! With regards to it always being hot, there is a similar misconception about Australia. Same with it being mostly desert, which is probably actually more true than it is for Africa. Lol!

It's good to hear that Africa still has so many languages, but it's not a concept many of us are used to. In Europe there are very few languages left from the original tribes. Just a few small areas here and there where one might be spoken still.