Enigma Team does it again and hires another all star programmer

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Just recently I posted about Enigma. Enigma is a project which aims to create both data markets and also to allow for distributed computation on encrypted data. In the previous blog post the Enigma Team hired Lena Kleyner from the MIT of Israel, Technion. This time the Enigma Team has chosen to hire a developer with experience in crypto going back to 2013.

Welcome software engineer Isan Rivkin

Isan Rivkin adds to the impressive Enigma Team with impressive knowledge in C++ and Python. We can see some of the work he is known for in this video:

We can see from his Github that his code quality is good and he has the skills to do the coding of the Enigma protocol. The Enigma protocol will require knowledge of Solidity and Isan Rivkin has that knowledge to get the job done.

Why is Enigma so important?

Enigma strategically solves two of the big problems at the same time. Enigma allows for secret contracts which allow for computing private data. Enigma also allows for the selling of computation resources so that it is decentralizing for computation via computation markets. This will allow for entities to sell and buy private data for use with it remaining private while also allowing entities to sell and buy computation resources. This is intriguing considering the negative effects of the world where privacy is becoming limited and data analysis so important.

If you want to learn more about the Enigma protocol, read this whitepaper and this paper. In addition look up the brilliant work of Sandy Pentland who is one of the advisers behind the Enigma project. I've been posting about Enigma a lot, and for those who would like to buy Enigma it can be bought a ENG at Binance and Bittrex.


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  4. https://steemit.com/crypto-news/@dana-edwards/enigma-team-announces-good-news-and-releases-user-acquisition-metrics

Hello, @dana-edwards, I'm an Egyptian poet, fairly new to Steemit & see that I have a lot to learn and explore, here, as well as the cryptoworld!

I wanted to also pop in and thank you for being a friend to Poetry, in general, and supporting my own, especially! Much appreciated, Yahia

I like your insight...why not buying a few ;)

The enigma team is not getting enough of the stars @dana-edwards
@Enigma a big coin ♥♥

I'm loving your posts about enigma
Following you @dana-edwards

Crypto is changing the future daily I see . This is how we know it’s going to dominate in the future

The Enigma is progressing ever more success. Very successful in software. And it will be even more successful.

Enigma a big coin to the Mooon!

The enigma team is not getting enough of the stars. I wonder who the next star will be. it is impossible to stop without investing in enigma after these transfers. @dana-edwards

I'll have to read your older stuff now that I'm holding.

They really do seem to be fixated on building an incredible team at Enigma.. I wonder who they will hire next? I'm loving your posts about enigma, it's a much easier way of keeping up to date with their news!

I dabble in C++ and Python, but generally stick to more simple, high level language (probably out of laziness to be honest!) - but I know how important and useful it is to have a great developer in these languages. Thanks again for sharing.

Thanks for keeping everyone updated!

Very qualified team. Solving an issue all blockchain technology protocall faces. It's cheap and in its infancy. As with any investment limit your risk. I'd put this under the medium risk/high reward category. I also like Agoras .

Btw @markzuckerbergs, would you mind making Facebook at least profitable for we users?

dana u have influence in the market now!

I am sure Isan Rivkin will bring more to the table for Enigma. Wishing him all the best :-)

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