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Born in the remote mountains of the state of Idaho, USA., It could represent something very idyllic, but it could also represent a nightmare within an isolation that supports ignorance, especially if the type of family you belong to is actively super survivor an extremist group that separates from society to prepare for a catastrophe of any kind, with a strong aggregate of distrust for the rest of society.

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This was the condition that lived Tara Westover in his childhood and adolescence, being at age 17 when he first attended a classroom in college as he had to overcome the serious obstacles that his family placed him on their way.

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Of course, starting to prepare to enter the university, without having gone through the classrooms of the basic and middle schools, represents a great effort because it is preparation, in the case of Tara it had to be given in secret, that is, while the rest of her family slept, she studied, succeeding in self-educating herself successfully since she could even enter the university in question, making this effort an extraordinary achievement, especially when we refer to a girl who had never seen a school belonging to any educational system private or public, to which their parents in their belief, professed absolute distrust for these systems.

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That effort came to give important results, since Tara graduated as a graduate in history nothing more and nothing less than Harvard University, getting a grant almost immediately to complete his studies at the University of Cambridge where he managed to get his Ph.D. already makes this story a true and real success story, but as a humble girl who lived in the middle of nowhere, just entering a classroom the first time at age 17, got to that far? ... forging one of the most interesting personalities of today.

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It really is not just to be living in a mountain, in the middle of isolation, it is to be at the center of extremism, which as such in relation to that condition, would not have gone beyond fleeing as it was what happened to this extraordinary woman or simply get a couple and follow the parameters within the austere lifestyle, in all senses, learned throughout their childhood and adolescence, then it is clear that the trigger of the desire to educate in it was the violence exercised in your case by his brother and allowed by his parents, I suppose he saw as an outlet for a future and possible increase in this violence education.

The message of this lady is simple: Educate`

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I am not clear if to leave a legacy for all or simply to take back the link with his family, maybe it is depending on that both conditions are given, Tara Westover wrote a book he called Educate: A Mermoir, in which she describes her past in ignorance, how to change it, she analyzes in a way that goes beyond her evident professionalism, where even without naming it she poses a forceful but delicate forgiveness, showing an understanding that as a person with a high level of education is able to show.

Educated: A Memoir


It was launched on the market in February 2018 and practically from that moment it became one of the bestseller books, with favorable criticism from specialized people, companies and personalities; the ex-president Barack Obama catalogs it as his favorite book of the year, Bill Gates has it among his list of reading of his holidays, The New York Time lists him among the 10 best books of the year, in 2018 he was a finalist for the awards of the best books in the circles of specialized critics in the United States.

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The Washington Post •: The Oprah Magazine • Time • NPR • Good Morning America • San Francisco Chronicle • The Guardian • The Economist • Financial Times • Newsday • New York Post • TheSkimm • Refinery29 • Bloomberg • Self • Real Simple • City and Country • Hustle • Paste • Weekly Editors • Library Journal • Library Books • BookRiot • Pamela Paul, KQED • New York Public Library

As one of the best books of the year,

In order Educate: A Mermoir, is a book really advisable for you and your whole family ...


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