Should you adjust your customer experience to fit in with the times - COVID -19 edition

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caught everyone's attention globally.

The implication of this for you as a business owner is that you should definitely restructure your customer experience to fit in with the times.

Your customers need to be able to feel that you care deeply about them and their welfare.

Here are three ways you can go about doing that

Empathize with your customers

You're not going to discover what you have to know through research alone particularly not right now. To assemble the wisdom required to handle this moment, you should:

  • Try to hold live and direct conversations with your customers.

  • Reach out to your customers through customer care agents.

  • Offer solutions within your convenience

Rearrange your customer experience to fit in with the feedback you got from reaching out

The current circumstances might actually have nullified some aspects of your customer experience, in the event that this is happening to you right now I'd suggest you do the following

  • Start by auditing every aspect of your current customer experience.

  • Use the feedback from the aforementioned step to decide what you need to discard or keep.

Onboard your team members to your experience procedures

Whatever the role an employee fills in your organization, this is an extraordinary minute for them as representatives of your company.

Representatives face vulnerability and tension, as well.

Clients in emergency drive up the anxiety for workers.

Take time out to educate your employees on how they can better handle the current situation.

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