My Hiking Adventure Part 01: The Backpack.

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Over the last week I have been doing some extensive online research with regards to hiking/backpacking. There are literally 1000's of blogs/videos that give out great advice. I'm not new to camping but the biggest changes I've seen is the technology and techniques that are used these days.

What really excites me is Tarp Camping.

I've never done this, all my camping experiences has been based on tents. Family size tents to minimal sized tents strapped to the pillion seat of my motocycle. The reason I bring this up is because I needed to buy a daypack ? backpack with Tarp Camping in mind.

My Hiking plan is start small, most of my walks are urban based, a few have been over 6 hours. So going out on well known short trails should be fine, I just need to gather all the items I need. I'm going into this without breaking the bank, I don't see the point in investing on good quality gear if it turns out I do not like hiking.

One advice I thought was really good, was to pick the backpack last. The idea behind this was to layout all the items you are going to take, then buy a backpack that will hold this. But no, it is the 1st item I bought because I wanted to know what it feels like to use a framed pack. I'm am quite happy to walk around the streets wearing this looking like a completely newbie (which I am) to get used to it, and work out any necessary adjustments before going on to my 1st hike.

the backpack

All up $66.00NZ ($42US approx) delivered. Here is a list of features that mattered to me when looking through the Trademe Auction site:-

  • has an internal frame
  • can carry my tripod
  • clothing (to be determined)
  • food (to be determined)
  • external pocket to carry a drink bottle.
  • able to carry a 3x3 tarp, sleeping bag, ground sheet (I don't need this for now but it would be good to experience what it feels like)
  • other items (at this stage I have no idea what to take)

the "to be determined" will be sorted after a few hiking trips.

it's arrived 4 days after ordered

The front view looks good with plenty of pockets and straps everywhere that I need to figure out.

the adjustable harness

After a few adjustments I got it to fit quite snuggly, and even though it feels good right now I suspect the durability won't be long.

the sides, both the same

it could do with a strap near the bottom

Over the next few months I'll be gradually adding items and updating my list. All hiking at this stage will be geared towards day trips and by the end of it I would have a good idea what to carry, when I finally do a single night over.

It's just as important to plan well for day trips as well.

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