Ebay and Coronavirus

in #engrave2 years ago

I did not expect this!

goods quarantined

It looks like the China Govrnement has stopped this type of EXPORT to NZ, and I know it is for the best. I import 90% of my electronic components from china, also having my PCB (printed circuit boards) manufactured there. This months order hasn't been put though yet which is lucky I guess, last months is probably a write off but as I spend less then $250NZ/month I am not too worried.

emails with one seller so far

I'm just small fry, but this had to have a major impact for importers here in NZ (can't speak for other countries)! I wonder if this has affected anyone else here on steemit. ?

Just WOW

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My parcels are stuck, too. Starting from January. Destinating Russia.

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