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Good evening friends of the electronic world, today I want toshare with you a set of tips tips that used type in myprofessional performance as a civil engineer and I reallyhave worked with me in the management of staff. As it iswell known the work field for a Mr. Civil is very versatile,since it can play as: resident, Mr. Inspector, engineer,inspector of civil works, forensic engineer among others,where it must constantly interact with staff. Knowledge ofthe skills and attitudes of workers under their responsibilityto be priority.

For this reason it is essential to the civil engineer in questionto adopt the position of an efficient supervisor or rather aproactive and efficient leader.

Seen from this perspective the performance of an excellentprofessional, in my opinion, should consider the followingelements or aspects:

I - improvement of worker habits:

  1. describe in detail the bad habit of observed work: this willallow an assessment of the skills that has your worker andthus be able to offer you a successful solution.

  2. indicate why you are concerned: here we can briefly makean analysis SWOT situation and thus would be engaging ourstaff in the process.

3 ask the reasons and listen openly explanation: is veryimportant at this point to show interest in the worker, toenter into confidence and do it in a way sympathetic.

4 indicate that the situation should be changed and ask forideas to solve the problem: now with hands by theaforementioned arguments, make knowledge workerbenefits to make change.

5 discuss each idea and offer your help: this is the pointwhere should involve the worker with a brainstorming withthe direct participation of the leader.

6 remember the specified action to be taken and set aspecific date for follow-up: as it is evaluating worker habits itshould propose a not-very-extended date to seeimprovements and close deviations.

II - key principles:

  1. keep or increase the self-esteem: be specific in theirspeeches and express ideas with sincerity, thus it does notsubtract value to the actions and behavior of its workers andwill allow the presence of the self-esteem in it.

  2. listen and respond with empathy: respond to feelings andcontent as if it were your worker's best friend.

  3. ask for help to solve the problem: look for and developideas, give support without removing responsibilities andthus your worker will feel useful and part of the process.

If you are student, usually, we never thought leaders,therefore we give little importance to human resources. Thispicture changes when you assume responsibilities and giveus that the success of the company or organization goesbeyond our professional knowledge, i.e., that successdepends on a high percentage is the existence of a goodteam of work. Therefore, it becomes necessary to the controlline to assume roles identified by the staff. And to achievethis you must know first hand to each of its employees.

Continuing in the my order of ideas, to list some situations inwhich we interact with the worker to solve a problem.

III.- Identification of location of problem (action of worker):

  1. describe the problem in a friendly way: it is necessary thatthe leader identifies the problem situation, but withoutmaking any judgment, i.e., point not guilty and will be thusavoiding undesirable working environments.

2 ask the worker assistance to solve the problem: is of vitalimportance involved with enthusiasm the worker in thesolution of the problems, since in this way we can assess ourhuman resource initiative and proactivity.

3 discuss the causes of the problem: must be very clear andmutual agreement which were the causes that originatedthe problem situation.

4 identify and write down possible solutions: as we haveinvolved staff, will be voice of them possible solutions to thesituation of problem (brainstorming). Manage minutes.

5 decide the specific action that everyone should carry out:After analyzing the best alternatives for the solution of theproblem situation, must assign tasks or commitments topersonal titles with names and surnames, so theresponsibility Start individually.

6 remember a specific date of follow-up: can not leavewithout control corrective actions, but validating theresponsibilities in a period of time by mutual agreement.

IV. effective follow-up actions use:

  1. check the previous meetings: it is always advisable to readthe minutes of previous meetings, to ignore thecommitments and assess progress in the solution. Itassumes this commitment personally.

  2. indicate the failure of improvement and ask the employeefor reasons: it is difficult that the human being is grabperfection, therefore always find deviations in the planningor in the proposed solutions. So be patient and calm, actedvery empathic in the formulation of the questions so that thesituation is not out of control.

3 discuss possible solutions to the problem: remember weare not leading, we are reformulating the solution to theproblem, taking into account the deviations found andconsidered at the time, which is always urgent.

4 indicate the consequences of continuing withoutimproving: even when you're empathetic with youremployees, at this point, must call to reflection, singing thebenefits that would lose the company or organization andtherefore the worker. It is always good to stress that itshould not fall into a failure, either by default or by notredress the problem in due time.

5 remember the action to be taken and the date of follow-up: should be always at each point or approach madeagreement to create commitments, and does not create youwho is harassing your worker, just to let you know that it isthe beginning of a real growth personal and work, where theresponsibility is the vital ingredient for its development.From there that a schedule of activities must be captured foreach worker and that can be measured in time.

6 indicate their confidence in the worker: it is very, but veryimportant that you constantly let them see the confidencethat has on their workers, this will allow you to observe it asa friend and always treat it as such, willing to help you at alltimes.

If we apply these tips I am sure that our performance will behigh and you as a leader will feel a great satisfaction in yourwork.

Finally I can tell you that there is no greater satisfaction thanworking with a good team of people able to recognize mistakesand always willing to amend them.

I hope we continue writing and reading in the near future.

See you later...@victor79

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