Viaje de trabajo

in #english4 years ago

Hello friends and family of hive, thanking God for the days that he gives us, today I am going to talk about a work trip.


Friends, I want to share with you my trip that I take on the weekend that I thank my God because he gave me everything I asked for.
The first thing I did was a four-hour trip to the capital of my state to be able to speak with my boss personally.


I tell you what I asked my God that the meeting I was going to have with my boss was positive in everything I was going to ask for my people, since I am finishing the rehabilitation of the hospital in my town and what I need to culminating is not enough that is why I had to make this trip where I got to know a very beautiful tourist area called the hot springs, where you can enjoy nature, fresh air, and also birds, I can tell you that the trip was positive Thanks to my god.


I hope it is of your interest and pleasure to continue sharing more with you.

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