Arroz frito

in #english4 years ago

Hello friends and families of hive, thanking God for one more day that he gives us, today I am going to talk about fried rice.


On this wonderful day I had to share with my family and to please them I had to prepare a delicious fried rice.
The ingredients are very easy for this menu, among them we can mention the following as: first-class rice, pork, chicken sausage, green dressings such as chili peppers, paprika, onions, garlic and chives, diced carrots as well as the alinios of curry seasoning, Worcestershire sauce and olive oil.


How to prepare the fried rice is as follows: the meat is fried in a pan until it is well browned, apart in a cauldron or in a pan you prepare the rice, you add oil, curry and salt, all this you place to fry until It remains well sultecito and then both the meat and the rice are brought together in a cauldron with the seasonings and sausages and stir until placing a cup of water, cover until dry, after being ready you place the chives to decorate and give it taste and it is as well as you can enjoy a delicious lunch for the family.


I hope it is of your interest and pleasure to continue sharing a little more with you, God bless you greatly.

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