When we lose a loved one.

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When a loved one is lost we ask many questions and we understand the cycles of life, we inevitably accept that things happen independently of what we wanted or expected.


I think the natural thing is to be born and die but when a loved one's time comes, whatever it may be, we seem not to be prepared, as if it were something that could never happen, as if it were alien to our human condition. A certain day passes and then we think about why we did not enjoy that person, because we did not learn from her, because ... Many questions but the answer is very clear: live with full awareness every second, enjoy every step of life, and accept everything that happens with joy and good character.

There are other mechanisms of response, guilt, depression, suicide etc ... but they are options far removed from common sense and that can lead us through paths of suffering that are unnecessary.

I do not want the death of anyone and less of a loved one, but I want that until that time we are able to live life, without thinking so much about what will happen and being more aware of the present, of what happens at each moment , however everyday it may seem. To understand this we just have to take off "the roman costume" and open our hearts a little, without fear and accept those around us, enjoying them without so much prejudice.

Actually I think that death does not exist, but only on a physical plane and this causes me a loss of the fear of living life, without taboos, taking advantage of each breath until, luckily, because God wants it or because it simply has to be Well, die.

Therefore, there is no need to worry. I have no doubt that after death, great places are reserved for great people. That great place is a gift and that gift is to remain in the hearts of those who have loved you. That means being eternal and eternity is immortal.

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